Season 2

Episode Guide

Power Play

S2 E1
Sep 30, 1983
Sam and Diane hit speed bumps on their road to romance.

Little Sister Don't Cha

S2 E2
Oct 13, 1983
While Carla's in labor, her promiscuous sister goes on the prowl at Cheers.

Personal Business

S2 E3
Oct 20, 1983
Diane takes another job when Clara complains that she's getting special treatment.

Homicidal Ham

S2 E4
Oct 27, 1983
Diane's efforts backfire when she allows an ex-con to take the stage at Cheers.

Sumner's Return

S2 E5
Nov 3, 1983
Diane goes on a dinner date with her ex and his wife.

Affairs Of The Heart

S2 E6
Nov 10, 1983
Carla's new love interest could die from too much excitement.

Old Flames

S2 E7
Nov 17, 1983
Sam's newly divorced friend tries to come between him and Diane.

Manager Coach

S2 E8
Nov 24, 1983
Coach sports an attitude when he coaches a little-league team.

They Called Me Mayday

S2 E9
Dec 1, 1983
Dick Cavett visits Cheers and Suggests Sam publish his own writings.

How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Call You Back

S2 E10
Dec 8, 1983
Sam finally tells Diane he loves her, but his delivery is detrimental.

Just Three Friends

S2 E11
Dec 15, 1983
Diane's good friend (Markie Post) moves to town and makes a move on Sam.

Snow Job

S2 E12
Dec 19, 1983
Diane forbids Sam to go on an annual ski trip with his buddies.

Where There's A Will

S2 E13
Dec 22, 1983
Kramer includes Cheers in his will when he receives a dismal prognosis.

Battle Of The Exes

S2 E14
Jan 5, 1984
Charles shows up at her ex-husband's wedding with Sam as her date.

No Help Wanted

S2 E15
Jan 12, 1984
Sam regrets hiring Norm to do his taxes.

Coachie Makes Three

S2 E16
Jan 19, 1984
Diane and Sam try to get Coach out of their hair by arranging a double date.

Cliff's Rocky Moment

S2 E17
Jan 26, 1984
Cliff takes off when a customer picks a fight.

Fortune And Men's Weights

S2 E18
Feb 2, 1984
Coach brings fortunes to Cheers when he buys an antique scale.

Norman's Conquest

S2 E19
Feb 23, 1984
Norm tried to prove his manliness when his new client makes advances.

Coach Buries A Grudge

S2 E20
Feb 26, 1984
Coach is hurt when he learns that his deceases friend once propositioned his wife.

I'll Be Seeing You - Part I

S2 E21
May 3, 1984
Sam hires a brilliant artist to paint Diane as a peace offering.

I'll Be Seeing You - Part II

S2 E22
May 10, 1984
Diane defends her relationship with Sam to a slandering artist.