Season 5

Episode Guide

Train Magic

S5 E4
Jan 20, 1995
Tim wants to be a train conductor, just like his dad. He gets the chance when he is lured on to a ghost train by an evil spirit who wants Tim to stay on the train, forever!

The Tale of the Dead Man's Float

S5 E5
Oct 06, 1995
Zeke doesn't know how to swim. When he finds a disused swimming pool in a closed part of his high school, he convinces Clorice to give him swimming lessons. When Zeke and Clorice use the pool after hours, a long forgotten ghost resurfaces to claim the pool as it's own. It takes all of Zeke's scientific skill to save Clorice and lay the ghost to rest once and for all.

The Tale of the Jagged Sign

S5 E6
Oct 20, 1995
Claudia was prepared for the most boring summer vacation of her life when she was sent to stay with her aunt at the Scenic Vista retirement home. Things change drastically when Claudia met Kate, and together they learned the legend of the ghost on the ledge, and the jagged sign that appeared one night, many years ago.

The Tale of Station 109.1 (featuring Ryan Gosling)

S5 E7
Nov 03, 1995
Did you ever listen, really listen to the static between stations on your radio dial? Sometimes you can pick up places form far away; and other times, who knows; possibly another dimension!

The Tale of the Mystical Mirror

S5 E8
Nov 10, 1995
Cindy and Laurel, employees of the Elysisan, are the very best of friends. Their job will soon teach them a lot more than make-up application when they learn that beauty really is only skin deep and sometimes what lies beneath the surface is a lot more hideous and terrifying than any beauty flaw could possibly be. Think twice before looking in your powder compact; the reflection you see may not be of this world.

The Tale of Prisoners Past

S5 E9
Dec 01, 1995
Jason and Scott are reluctant step-brothers who discover that legends never die when they meet up with One-Eyed Jack, a prisoner who is said to have escaped from the maximum security cell in 1942; so why does he still roam the hallways...?

The Tale of Badge

S5 E11
Dec 22, 1995
Grandma Willy gives Gwen a pendant and leaves her with these ominous words..."You are anything but ordinary, my dear." The meaning behind these words soon comes to light when Gwen's younger brother Trevor unwittingly unleashes a terrifying door to a world of goblins and ghouls. It is not only Gwen's responsibility, but her destiny, to once again close the door to this horrifying dimension.

The Tale of the Manaha

S5 E12
Dec 29, 1995
At a summer camp, a group of kids are sent out for an overnight camping trip under the supervision of Jaimie, one of the counselors. Jonah, the smallest of the group and always being picked on by Jaimie, accidentally sets free an old Native-American Shaman. The Shaman was imprisoned in a cave in the woods, and now unleashed, seeks to exact revenge on all those who enter his woods by summoning the Manaha -- strange monsters from Indian legend. It takes all of Jonah's wits to save the campers.

Tale of the Unexpected Visitor

S5 E13
Jan 12, 1996
Jeff and Ted are always arguing about the name of their band, and what kind of music they should play. They can't agree more about much, except getting Jeff's dad's satellite dish to beam down exotic television signals. When Jeff accidentally beams up a piece of music to a distant galaxy, they get a visitor they never expected, and now Jeff has to figure out how his music can communicate with a creature from beyond the solar system in order to save Ted and his brother Bobby.

The Tale of the Vacant Lot

S5 E15
Jan 19, 1996
This anthology series offers spine-tingling stories inspired by the classic art of storytelling. Each half-hour begins with a group of kids, known as "The Midnight Society" who gather around a campfire to tell scary stories.

The Tale of a Door Unlocked

S5 E16
Jan 26, 1996
When Justin buys a strange looking miniature door from Sardo at the Magic Mansion in order to meet girls, he gets more than he bargained for. When he looks through this door, he sees a girl trapped in a burning house--is this the girl he's supposed to meet? When a new girl moves into the neighborhood, Justin is desperate to meet her-especially since he has seen her through the magic door. He has to figure out some way to save her--but from what?

The Tale of the Night Shift

S5 E17
Feb 02, 1996
A series of strange events occur over one night at United Hospital. People suddenly go missing, blood bags are shredded by some kind of strange animal; the hospital staff starts to act very strangely. Something's up and Colin and Amanda unite to solve a mystery. Trouble is all the indications seem to point to a strange coffin that has appeared in the hospital morgue.