Season 1

Episode Guide

The Tale of the Phantom Cab

S1 E1
Aug 14, 1992
Two brothers get lost in the woods and arrive at Dr. Vink's cabin seeking help. Dr. Vink, a mad scientist, promises to help them only if they are able to solve his riddle. When the boys cannot, he sends them out to the dark forest where they are picked u

The Tale of the Laughing in the Dark

S1 E2
Aug 21, 1992
Accepting a dare, Josh enters a haunted house at an amusement park and steals the nose off Zeebo the clown. Zeebo's ghost follows Josh home and demands the nose back.

The Tale of the Lonely Ghost

S1 E3
Aug 28, 1992
Amanda visits her cousin Beth for the summer and is subjected to an initiation - she must spend the night in a haunted house. After seeing "help me" written on the walls of the house, Amanda and Beth find a mirror to another world and a little girl who i

The Tale of the Twisted Claw

S1 E4
Sep 04, 1992
On Halloween night, Kevin and Dougie visit the scary house of Miss Clove, known to everyone as "the witch". Miss Clove gives the kids an ugly, twisted claw and claims it will grant the boys' wishes. They soon get more than they bargained for.

The Tale of the Hungry Hounds

S1 E5
Sep 11, 1992
While rummaging in the attic, Amy and her cousin Pam find a picture of an aunt who died tragically at a young age and looks incredibly like Pam. When she tries on the aunt's clothes, Pam is mysteriously possessed by her spirit and insists on feeding the

The Tale of the Captured Souls

S1 E6
Sep 25, 1992
Danny and her parents rent a run-down, spooky house for the summer. Things become even spookier when Peter, their young sickly host, appears to get healthier as her parents seem to age.

The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors

S1 E7
Oct 02, 1992
Emma and DayDay Toll have some weird neighbors, a family of three, who wear only black and don't emerge from their home during daylight. When they notice bandages on the necks of pale passers-by, the two are convinced vampires are living next door.

The Tale of the Dark Music

S1 E8
Oct 09, 1992
Andy Carr and his family move into their uncle's old house and Andy has the creeps. It's not until he hears the Dark Music in the basement that his suspicions are confirmed.

The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun

S1 E9
Oct 16, 1992
Jake lands a part in the school play as a young boy who wants to be turned into a Leprechaun. Sean, a new found friend, reads up on the species and determines that Jake is in fact slowly being turned into a leprechaun.