Season 3

Episode Guide

The Tale of the Magician's Assistant

S3 E1
Jul 17, 1993
Todd Marker, 13, was having a tough time because his dad recently died and his mother was never home because she always has to work late. To help out his mother Todd answered an ad to be the assistant of a magician. Todd thought it might be a fun job bu

The Tale of Old Man Corcoran

S3 E2
Jul 20, 1993
Jack and Kenny Harris have just moved to a new house and they decide to join the kids in the neighborhood for a night game of hide and seek in the graveyard. Before they begin the game, the kids warn them about Old Man Corcoran who used to be the caretak

The Tale of the Full Moon

S3 E3
Aug 20, 1993
Jed and Hughie are pet detectives--tracking down lost pets in the neighborhood. While looking for their latest pet the end of the trail leads Jed to a dilapidated house where he finds animal collars on the lawn, raw meat in the refrigerator, and a strang

The Tale of the Whispering Walls

S3 E4
Aug 21, 1993
Claire and Andrew's babysitter, Louise, gets lost while driving them home from the amusement park. After she runs out of gas, Louise's only option is to go to the lone house on the road to use the telephone. When she fails to return after a long time, C

The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle

S3 E5
Aug 27, 1993
Mike Buckley is often tormented by a repeated nightmare in which he re-lives the tragedy of his best friend, Ricky, who died five years ago. Things get strange when Mike sees Ricky's ghost outside his classroom window in the shcool yard. But Ricky has n

The Tale of Watcher's Woods

S3 E6
Jan 21, 1994
Sarah and Kelly learn that they should "never enter Watcher's Woods", a scary section of the forest that is haunted by the ghosts of three old hags, and the evil "Watcher".

The Tale of Apartment 214

S3 E7
Jan 22, 1994
Stacy and her Mom move into a new apartment only to find that the apartment next to theirs is occupied by a kindly old woman, who died seven years ago.

The Tale of the Phone Police

S3 E8
Jan 28, 1994
Jake loves to make prank phone calls. Unfortunately, people who mess with the telephone get taken away by the "Phone Police", and once they get you, it's as if you never existed at all.

The Tale of the Dollmaker

S3 E9
Feb 04, 1994
Melissa's best friend, Susan, has mysteriously disappeared. When Melissa searches for her she finds that Melissa has been magically transformed into a tiny doll, and is living inside a dollhouse.

The Tale of the Bookish Babysitter

S3 E10
Feb 11, 1994
Belinda is a strange babysitter who carries an odd assortment of books with her. Ricky finds that when you read one of her books, the story becomes true, and the reader becomes part of the adventure.