Season 2

Episode Guide

The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice

S2 E1
Oct 23, 1992
One day an archaeologist visit Dean and Alix's class and brings a bewitching snake into their midst. Soon after, Alix notices changes in Dean's personality. When his transformation becomes so extreme, Alix must battle a Sorcere and his apprentice to sav

The Tale of the Prom Queen

S2 E2
Nov 06, 1992
Greg and Jam are investigating a legend of a ghost that appears every prom night waiting for a ride that never comes. They discover that a young girl was the victim of a hit and run accident while waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up for their prom i

The Tale of the Pinball Wizard

S2 E3
Nov 20, 1992
Ross spends all of his time playing pinball at the mall. The manager of the arcade trusts Ross to stay in the arcade alone, but with a warning to avoid playing the "Mystery Machine." With that it mind, Ross plays the game, loses track of time, and soon

The Tale of the Final Wish

S2 E4
Jun 18, 1993
Jill Petterson, 13, loves fairy tales and knows most of her huge collection by heart. One night she wishes she could live in dream land forever. She finds herself, however, in the evil land of nightmares where she must confront the Sandman.

The Tale of Locker 22

S2 E5
Jun 19, 1993
Julie Dufaux is having an unusually tough time starting at a new school. To her horror she finds that her locker is haunted by a ghost from the 1960's. She and her friend Chris decide to get to the bottom of this mystery and learn that they have the pow

The Tale of the Hatching

S2 E6
Jun 20, 1993
Augie and Jasmine Wilson are starting at a new boarding school. This is a big adjustment for them, especially when they find out that there are a lot of strange rules. All of their suspicions are justified one night when they uncover the root of these bi

The Tale of the Frozen Ghost

S2 E7
Jun 21, 1993
Charles Pemlerton Shilling III has been sent with his baby sitter to stay with his aunts in their creepy old farmhouse. Charles overhears his aunts speaking about a ghost which they think is haunting their house. One night, he wakes up to see a ghost st

The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor

S2 E8
Jul 09, 1993
Karin and Billy always play on the empty 13th floor of their apartment building. One day they are forbidden access to it because a toy company has rented the space. Later, Karin receives a mysterious invitation to go to the toy factory and test some new

The Tale of the Midnight Madness

S2 E9
Jul 10, 1993
The classic Rialto movie theater is about to be shut down, despite the tireless efforts of 16 year old Pete. The strange Dr. Vink curiously appears and guarantees the success of the theater with an old black and white horror movie he made decades ago. P

The Tale of the Dream Machine

S2 E10
Jul 16, 1993
Sean Hackett loves to write and his single inspiration is the prettiest girl in his class, Jennifer. While rummaging through his house, Sean and his friend Billy uncover an old typewriter. Sean and Billy soon discover that this typewriter gives them the