Season 4

Episode Guide

We'll Never Be Friends

S4 E1
Aug 17, 2008
Lauren and Lo throw Audrina a birthday party, Lauren tries to make a good impression on a new boy, and a visit from Heidi's sister Holly threatens Spencer and Heidi's relationship.

Drama Follows Them

S4 E2
Aug 24, 2008
Lauren runs into Spencer at Stephanie's birthday, Kelly Cutrone fires someone at People's Revolution and Whitney has to step up to fill the void, and Lauren's relationship with Doug may be moving a little too fast.

Better Off As Friends

S4 E3
Aug 31, 2008
Lauren realizes that the chemistry she felt for Doug may no longer be there, Whitney is nervous about heading to New York and finds herself on a date with a male model, Spencer tries to cut Stephanie out of his life.

Boys Make Girls Cry

S4 E4
Sep 06, 2008
A blowout trip to Vegas breaks down when Audrina snubs Lauren, Brody brings up Stephanie's past, and the boys end up in jail.

Something Has To Change

S4 E5
Sep 07, 2008
Lauren and Audrina fight to save their friendship, but it might be too late. Spencer's had enough of Heidi's sister Holly and takes matters into his own hands. And Brody and Doug get out of jail with a story to tell.

You Always Miss a Best Friend

S4 E6
Sep 14, 2008
Heidi's sister Holly reaches out to Lauren, forcing both Lauren and Heidi to reconsider what happened to their friendship. Audrina and Justin's relationship is tested as she works a huge event for Epic Records.

When Lauren's Away...

S4 E7
Sep 21, 2008
Lauren leaves for family vacation, and things in Los Angeles go awry. Stephanie dates Doug behind Lauren's back, and Audrina gets friendly with Heidi.

Don't Act Innocent

S4 E8
Sep 28, 2008
The truth finally comes out about Stephanie's relationship with Lauren's ex-boyfriend Doug. Heidi's mother makes a surprise visit to LA and has a confrontation with Spencer.

If She Never Met Spencer...

S4 E9
Oct 05, 2008
Lauren gets a letter of apology from Heidi and realizes there's only one thing keeping them from being friends again. Audrina starts dating a new guy to make Justin jealous, but her plan backfires.

Who To Chose?

S4 E10
Oct 12, 2008
Audrina reconnects with an old flame Cory and finds herself juggling two guys. Spencer forces Heidi to kick her sister Holly out of the apartment.

You'll Never Have This

S4 E11
Oct 19, 2008
Lauren and Audrina travel to Cabo for Brody's birthday, but the party turns into a fight. Spencer humiliates Stephanie after learning that her new boyfriend is friends with Brody.

I Want You To Be With Me

S4 E12
Oct 26, 2008
Lauren tries to make peace between Brody and Stephanie. Audrina wants to make things work with Corey but Justin won't give up on her. Stephanie has doubts about her new boyfriend after he fails to stand up to Brody.

It's Her Move

S4 E13
Nov 02, 2008
Audrina gets her own place, hoping Justin will move in with her but everyone fears she is moving for the wrong reason. Heidi invites Spencer to a work event and gets caught having a little too much fun.

Back To New York

S4 E14
Nov 09, 2008
Whitney travels to New York expecting to reconnect with Alex, but a boy named Jay steals her away. Heidi is miserable after being fired, but when Spencer tries to get her old job back, he makes the situation much worse.

One Last Chance

S4 E15
Nov 16, 2008
Lauren lets Heidi's sister crash at her place. Justin asks Audrina to go away for a romantic weekend, and Heidi's frustration with Spencer grows after she has to beg for her job back.

You Did This

S4 E16
Nov 23, 2008
Audrina believes a rumor she hears: that Lauren hooked up with Justin. Meanwhile Holly tries to get Heidi away from Spencer.

It's About Trust

S4 E17
Nov 30, 2008
Audrina tries to save her friendship with Lauren after accusing her of hooking up with Justin. Spencer and Stephanie visit their grandmother who is fed up with their fighting.

Dream Boy, Dream Job

S4 E18
Dec 07, 2008
Whitney gets offered a chance at her dream job in her New York. Lauren grows nostalgic when she learns her parents are selling their house in Laguna Beach, and Stephanie turns to Spencer for help with Cameron.

Mr. & Mrs. Pratt

S4 E19
Dec 14, 2008
Spencer and Heidi ignore the concerns of their families and runaway to Mexico to elope. Whitney takes a chance at a dream job in New York City and says goodbye to Lauren and her life in Los Angeles.

I Heidi Take Thee Spencer

S4 E20
Dec 21, 2008
When Lauren and Heidi have a run-in, they put their feud aside and remember why they used to be friends. Spencer and Heidi deal with fallout of their elopment and Justin shocks Audrina when he whisks her away to Palm Springs.