Season 1

Episode Guide

New City, New Drama

S1 E1
May 31, 2006
As Lauren Conrad juggles fashion school, a demanding internship and an unpredictable roommate who sabotages her work event, she learns quickly that everything is bigger in Los Angeles, including her problems.

A Change of Plans

S1 E2
Jun 7, 2006
Lauren deals with the fallout of Heidi crashing the Teen Vogue party. When Heidi lands an interview for a 'dream job' that leads her to consider ditching school, permanently, Lauren realizes that she and Heidi may be on different paths.

An Unexpected Call

S1 E3
Jun 14, 2006
Teen Vogue sends Lauren on an overnight errand that lands her in New York City and returns to LA only to find a major surprise from her past waiting for her.

Lauren and Jason: Part 2

S1 E4
Jun 21, 2006
When an ex-boyfriend reappears in Lauren's life, she is surprised to see she might not be as "over him" as she thought. Meanwhile at her new job, Heidi asks if the price of paying her dues is worth the cost.

Jason's Birthday

S1 E5
Jun 28, 2006
Lauren races home from an all-day Teen Vogue event to be with Jason on his birthday, but the night doesn't turn out as she expected. Audrina seeks Heidi's advice for her latest date with model/actor, Danny.

Boyfriends and Work Don't Mix

S1 E6
Jul 5, 2006
Jason becomes a mounting distraction in Lauren's professional and academic life. Heidi finally gets her big chance to work in the nightclubs, but it couldn't have come at a worse time.

Somebody Always Has to Cry

S1 E7
Jul 12, 2006
It's the gang's first Holiday in LA and not everyone gets what they wish for. A New Year's kiss proves hard to come by for Lauren when Jason finds out she got an unexpected call from an old flame.

You Can't Just Be With Me?

S1 E8
Jul 19, 2006
Jason wants to make Lauren's 20th birthday special but when she lies to him about working with male models for a Teen Vogue assignment their relationship is put to the test.

Love Is Not A Maybe Thing

S1 E9
Jul 26, 2006
Heidi finally decides she's had enough drama with Jordan. When she turns to the girls for advice, she realizes what she has to do to. With their fighting days behind them, Lauren and Jason think about taking things to the next level.

Timing Is Everything

S1 E10
Aug 2, 2006
When Lauren's hard work at LA Fashion Week leads to a career opportunity of a lifetime, she is torn between her job and her boyfriend. Whitney says goodbye to LA for the summer, and Heidi and Audrina look forward to being single in the city.