Season 3

Episode Guide

You Know What You Did

S3 E1
Aug 13, 2007
Lauren doesn't go to Heidi and Spencer's housewarming party.

Big Girls Don't Cry

S3 E2
Aug 13, 2007
Lauren and Heidi grow even farther apart when Spencer asks Heidi to marry him.

Truth And Time Tells All

S3 E3
Aug 20, 2007
Lauren tries to help Audrina decide if Justin is boyfriend material.

Meet The Parents

S3 E4
Aug 27, 2007
Heidi takes her fiancé Spencer to meet her family in Colorado.

Rolling With The Enemy

S3 E5
Sep 3, 2007
Heidi's social circle shrinks as Spencer "breaks up" with Brody for hanging out with Lauren.

Second Chances

S3 E6
Sep 10, 2007
Lauren gets a blast from the past when her ex-boyfriend Jason calls.

They Meet Again

S3 E7
Sep 17, 2007
Lauren's feelings for Jason are rekindled, but when they run into Heidi and Spencer, tempers flare.

For Better Or Worse

S3 E8
Sep 24, 2007
Lauren is shocked to learn that Jason has a girlfriend, but Jason has a bigger surprise for her.

What Happens in Vegas...

S3 E9
Oct 1, 2007
The gang celebrates Brody's birthday in Vegas and Audrina's boyfriend causes a rift in her friendship with Lauren.

What Goes Around

S3 E10
Oct 15, 2007
Jen Bunney tells Lauren that Brody started the rumors about her, but Brody blames on Spencer.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

S3 E11
Oct 22, 2007
Lauren starts a new romance with a male model, but realizes she still has feelings for Brody.

Stress And The City

S3 E12
Oct 29, 2007
Lauren and Whitney are sent to New York City to present for Teen Vogue's top editors.

Young Hollywood

S3 E13
Nov 5, 2007
Lauren and Whitney struggle to put on a fashion show at Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood Party.

Forgive and Forget

S3 E14
Nov 12, 2007
Heidi and Lauren have another fight in public causing Heidi to apologize for everything.

With This Ring...

S3 E15
Nov 19, 2007
Lauren plays matchmaker for Whitney; Spencer resists Heidi's plans for a fairytale wedding.

A Night At The Opera

S3 E16
Nov 26, 2007
Audrina catches Justin kissing another girl; Spencer's sister picks a fight with Lauren and Brody.

Once a Player

S3 E17
Dec 3, 2007
Lauren thinks Brody might be too much of a playboy for her ever to get serious about him.

When One Door Closes...

S3 E18
Dec 10, 2007
Lauren struggles to figure out her relationship with Brody, but an offer to work in Paris makes things more complicated.

Paris Changes Everything

S3 E19
Mar 24, 2008
Lauren finally gets to go to Paris, and Spencer chases Heidi to Colorado to try to win her back.

Back to L.A.

S3 E20
Mar 31, 2008
Whitney must choose between Teen Vogue and a new career, and Lauren clashes with Brody.

An Unexpected Friend

S3 E21
Mar 31, 2008
Lauren makes an unlikely friend when Spencer's sister Stephanie joins her fashion class.

When Spencer Finds Out...

S3 E22
Apr 7, 2008
Lauren invites Stephanie to her b-day party; Heidi and Spencer question Stephanie's loyalty.

Just Be Careful...

S3 E23
Apr 7, 2008
Heidi tries to win back Audrina's friendship, but Lauren grows suspicious of Heidi's motives.

Girls' Night Out

S3 E24
Apr 14, 2008
Heidi loves her single life, until seeing Spencer with other girls makes her jealous.

A New Roommate

S3 E25
Apr 21, 2008
With Spencer out of the picture, Heidi makes a last attempt to regain Lauren's friendship.

A Date With The Past

S3 E26
Apr 28, 2008
An old romance is rekindled when Stephen Colletti reenters Lauren's life.

No Place Like Home

S3 E27
May 5, 2008
Lauren is caught between friends, as tension between Lo and Audrina builds.

The Next Move Is Yours

S3 E28
May 12, 2008
In the season finale, Audrina feels shut out by Lauren's close friendship with Lo, and wants to move out. Lauren makes a heartfelt attempt to patch things up with Audrina, but it may be too late.