Season 5

Episode Guide

Angelica Nose Best/The Pirate Light

S5 E1
Nov 22, 1997
Angelica develops a guilty conscience after waking up with a swollen nose. Thinking that the pilot light is a "pirate light" that keeps pirates away from their house, the babies wage war on a hapless repair man whom they assume is a pirate.

Grandpa's Bad Bug/Lady Luck

S5 E2
Aug 19, 1998
The Rugrats think that Lou ate a bug and try several home remedies to cure him. Grandpa Lou brings the Rugrats to a bingo game at a Senior Center.

Crime and Punishment/Baby Maybe

S5 E3
Aug 20, 1998
After Chaz falls for a traffic cop, the Rugrats try to thwart the blossoming romance. Ben and Elaine are thinking about having a baby and baby-sit the Rugrats for one night as a test run.

The Word of the Day/Jonathan Babysits

S5 E4
Aug 18, 1998
Angelica tries to be the new junior assistant for "Miss Carol's Happy House". Angelica proves to be as much -- if not more than -- a tyrant as her mother when Johnathan is forced to babysit her.

He Saw, She Saw/Piggy's Pizza Palace

S5 E5
Aug 21, 1998
Chuckie falls for Emma, a little girl playing by herself at the park. A Rugrats romp set at Piggy's Pizza Palace, a Chuck E. Cheese-type restaurant/arcade.

Visiting Aunt Miriam/Fugitive Tommy

S5 E6
Aug 22, 1998
Grandpa Lou plays poker with his eccentric cousin Miriam and her nutty friends. When the old ladies say Chuckie "looks good enough to eat", the Rugrats worry that the old ladies want to eat their friend. Tommy is the victim of mistaken identity.

The First Cut/Chuckie Grows

S5 E7
Aug 16, 1998
Tommy is rattled when he gets his first cut, but eventually learns that cuts do heal. The babies think Chuckie is growing after Grandpa Lou accidentally shrinks his clothes in the wash.

Uneasy Rider/Where's Grandpa?

S5 E8
Aug 29, 1998
Angelica takes Chuckie under her wing when he gets his first bike. During a trip, the adults inadvertently leave Grandpa Lou stranded at a gas station. The Rugrats pull every trick in the book to make the car stop so Lou can catch up.

The Wild, Wild West/Angelica for a Day

S5 E9
Aug 17, 1998
In this Wild West fantasy, the babies form a posse to catch the Angelica who stole all of their free ice cream coupons. Tommy decides to make Chuckie braver by putting him in Angelica's shoes.

Babysitting Fluffy/Sleep Trouble

S5 E10
Aug 15, 1998
Chas and Chuckie are forced to baby-sit Angelica's evil cat. During a sleep over, Tommy and Chuckie fear the Sandman is coming to get them and set elaborate traps for him.

Journey to the Center of the Basement/A Very McNulty Birthday

S5 E11
Sep 19, 1998
The babies make a trek to the basement in order to save Chuckie's favorite Reptar Jr. toy. When the Rugrats go to a birthday party at the McNulty's house, they are set against one another.

The Family Tree

S5 E12
Sep 21, 1998
In the prequel to Rugrats: The Movie, Chas is working on his family tree. Tommy and Chuckie decide that they're from the same tree and decide that they're really brothers.