Season 7

Episode Guide

Share and Share a Spike/Tommy For Mayor

S7 E1
Oct 2, 1999
Tommy doesn't like the idea of sharing Spike with Dil, so the babies decide they have to find a new pet for Dil. When the Rugrats overhear a mayoral candidate on television, Angelica insists that they must have an election for their own mayor.

Brothers Are Monsters/Cooking With Susie

S7 E2
Oct 9, 1999
After overhearing Betty saying that "brothers are monsters," Tommy worries that he's turning into a monster. When the Rugrats overhear Didi telling Stu a white lie, they decide to tell Susie that the awful Reptar Cereal Bars she made are delicious.

Officer Chuckie/Auctioning Grampa

S7 E3
Oct 16, 1999
After observing Officer Dan teaching safety rules, Chuckie decides he wants to be safety officer, too. When the Rugrats overhear Grampa refer to himself as "quite an antique" at an antique auction, they fear that people are going to try to buy Grampa.

Partners In Crime/Thumb's Up

S7 E4
Nov 28, 1999
When Angelica is forbidden to eat sweets at the park, she "kidnaps" Dil and uses him to grab cookies from other parties. When Stu bangs his thumb and sticks it in his mouth, the babies imitate him, but Angelica says that they're going to get "duck teeth."

Planting Dil/The Joke's On You

S7 E5
Nov 28, 1999
When the Rugrats hear that Didi is going to be "planting Dil" in her herb garden, they imagine a whole bunch of new baby Dil's. Angelica sneaks around playing practical jokes on the Rugrats and sets up Dil as the scapegoat.

The Big Showdown/Doctor Susie

S7 E6
Oct 9, 2000
Didi introduces Goober, a goofy, gentle toy to Tommy and Dil as an antidote to the aggressive Reptar. Chuckie likes Goober, but Tommy does not. When "Doctor" Susie fixes the Rugrats' broken toys, Angelica is jealous at all the attention Susie is getting.

Accidents Happen/Pee Wee Scouts

S7 E7
Nov 26, 2000
After Chuckie wets the bed one night, the Rugrats decide that Chuckie has to have a boring day so he won't have an exciting dream and forget to wake up and go potty. After the Rugrats see home movies of Stu's scouting days, they decide to be scouts.

Chuckie's New Shirt/Cavebabies

S7 E8
Oct 9, 2000
When Chuckie rips his shirt, Chas buys him a new one, leading Chuckie to think he's not the same person and start going by the name "Ralph." When Didi hides the cookie jar from Grandpa, Angelica convinces the babies to search for it.

Incredible Shrinking Babies/Miss Manners

S7 E9
Jul 13, 2001
Chuckie has a nightmare in which the Rugrats have all shrunk to the size of his "little people" toys, except for Dil. Angelica graduates from charm school and her newly-learned manners are put to the test when Charlotte hosts an important guest.

Dose of Dil/Famous Babies

S7 E10
Jul 20, 2001
Tommy feels left out when everyone else is getting attention so he decides to try Angelica's technique of pretending to be sick or hurt. Chuckie becomes "famous" on the playground for an accidental sand dance, but soon his newfound fame goes to his head.

No Place Like Home Pt. 1/No Place Like Home Pt. 2

S7 E11
Oct 2, 1999
The babies and Angelica visit Susie in the hospital when she goes to get her tonsils removed. As Susie goes under, she dreams she has entered a strange, magical land, but she just wants to get home. She is joined by the Rugrats along the way.

Discovering America-Part 1/Discovering America-Part 2

S7 E12
Oct 9, 2000
When Aunt Miriam returns from a road trip across America, she forgets a Souvenir for Dil, and the babies search in their backyard for something suitable, going into fantasy at the Grand canyon, Everglades, Yellowstone, etc.

Be My Valentine-Part 1/Be My Valentine-Part 2

S7 E13
Feb 14, 2000
After Grandpa explains what Valentine's Day means to the babies, Angelica shoots Spike with Cupid's arrow. The babies decide they now have to find Spike a Valentine: Fluffy. Later that night, the families all attend a Valentine dance.