Season 3

Episode Guide

Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster/Twins' Pique

S3 E1
Sep 26, 1993
When Randy Carmichael's boss, the producer of the Dummi Bears Show, comes over for dinner, the Rugrats think Susie's going to have to move away. Phil and Lil decide they want to be different from each other.

Chuckie's First Haircut/Cool Hand Angelica

S3 E2
Oct 3, 1993
The Rugrats and Chaz try to help Chuckie overcome his fear of getting his haircut. After boasting to Susie that day camp would be no challenge for her, Angelica is sent to Susie's day camp, where she fails miserably until she develops team spirit.

The Tricycle Thief/Rhinoceritis

S3 E3
Oct 10, 1993
When Susie's new trike is missing and Angelica shows up on an identical three-wheeler. Angelica plays doctor, diagnosing Chuckie with a disease that will turn him into a rhinoceros.

Grandpa Moves Out/Legend of the Satchmo

S3 E4
Oct 17, 1993
Grandpa, starting to feel like he's in the way, moves into a retirement home that looked great on TV but turns out to be boring. Grandpa takes the rugrats on their first camping trip--outside in the backyard.

Circus Angelicus/The Stork

S3 E5
Oct 24, 1993
After a trip to the circus, Angelica stages her own big top, using the rugrats as her three-ring acts. Angelica, informed that babies come from stork eggs, passes this on to the rugrats, who find a crow's egg and try to hatch a baby brother for Tommy.

The Baby Vanishes/Farewell, My Friend

S3 E6
Nov 7, 1993
Angelica puts "vanishing cream" on Tommy and Chuckie and pretends she can't see them in order to get them to sneak desserts for her. After yet another wild adventure, Chuckie decides that Tommy plays too rough.

When Wishes Come True/Angelica Breaks a Leg

S3 E7
Nov 14, 1993
After Angelica is particularly nasty, Tommy wishes something bad would happen to her. Angelica, stuck at Tommy's house while her parents are on vacation, fakes having a broken leg to get attention.

The Last Babysitter/Sour Pickles

S3 E8
Nov 21, 1993
When Susie's teenage sister Alisa baby-sits Susie and Tommy for the first time, Tommy and Susie suspect there are monsters loose in the house. Grandpa tells Angelica and Tommy about Stu and Drew's babyhood.

Reptar 2010/Stu Gets a Job

S3 E9
Nov 28, 1993
When the "Reptar 2010" videotape breaks, the rugrats each supply their own ending to the story, describing a Reptar that resembles their own characters. Stu, trying to break through his "inventor's block', gets a job at Consolidated Lard.

Give and Take/Gold Rush

S3 E10
Dec 12, 1993
After Chuckie admires Tommy's punching-bag clown doll, Tommy gives it to Chuckie. When the Rugrats find a nickel in the park, Angelica's greed takes over and she drives them to look for more.

Home Movie/The Mysterious Mr. Friend

S3 E11
Dec 26, 1994
While Stu shows boring slides of his family's vacation, the rugrats draw their own "slides" which come alive. Stu invents a talking, walking "Mr. Friend" doll which seems to have a few bugs that only become apparent when he's alone with the babies.

Cuffed/The Blizzard

S3 E12
Jan 2, 1994
Angelica sneaks a set of toy handcuffs and then gets stuck cuffed to Chuckie. The Rugrats go off on a backyard fantasy adventure to find the North Pole and get Santa to fix Chuckie's fire truck.

Destination: Moon/Angelica's Birthday

S3 E13
Jan 16, 1994
The babies sneak into Grandpa's camping trailermistaking it for a rocket ship, then believe that they've blasted off to the moon. Angelica's terrified of getting older and having more responsibilities, so she pretends to be a baby.

Princess Angelica/The Odd Couple

S3 E14
Jan 9, 1994
Angelica misinterprets her parents' remarks and believes she's an actual princess. When Tommy stays with Chuckie for a few days, their individual quirks start to annoy each other.

Naked Tommy/Tommy and the Secret Club

S3 E15
Jan 23, 1994
Tommy decides that he'd rather go naked like his dog Spike. Angelica forms a secret club and makes the babies compete to see who will be her chosen member.

Under Chuckie's Bed/Chuckie is Rich

S3 E16
Feb 6, 1994
When Chuckie gets a big boys' bed, Angelica tells him there's a monster underneath it. Chaz wins $10 million in a sweepstakes, and suddenly things change for Chuckie.

Mommy's Little Assets/Chuckie's Wonderful Life

S3 E17
Feb 20, 1994
Charlotte gets stuck taking Tommy and Angelica to the office with her, where they wreak havoc and almost blow a deal. Chuckie, depressed, gets a visit from his guardian angel.

In the Dreamtime/The Unfair Pair

S3 E18
Feb 27, 1994
Chuckie has a couple of vivid dreams. Tired of being left out at Phil and Lil's house, Angelica claims to know which twin is the favorite and which is the reject.

Chuckie's Red Hair/Spike Runs Away

S3 E19
Mar 6, 1994
Chuckie's sick of all the fuss people make over his red hair, so he gets Tommy to dye it black with Grandpa's dye. When Spike runs away, Stu tries to replace him with a series of new pets for Tommy, but nothing works.

The Alien/Mr. Clean

S3 E20
Mar 20, 1994
Angelica tells the rugrats that Chuckie's an alien from outer space and the playhouse is his rocket ship. Chuckie becomes a germ freak and refuses to touch anything for fear of accidentally coming into contact with a germ.

Angelica's Worst Nightmare/The Mega Diaper Babies

S3 E21
Oct 8, 1994
Charlotte announces she's pregnant, and Angelica worries that she'll be forgotten once the new baby arrives. The Rugrats fantasize that they are super heroes in order to rescue their TV heroes from the wicked "Angelitron."

New Kid in Town/Pickles VS. Pickles

S3 E22
Oct 15, 1994
Tired of Angelica's bullying, the rugrats go play with another kid in the park, Josh. Angelica decides to sue her parents for divorce after they insist that she eat some broccoli.

A Rugrats Passover

S3 E23
Apr 13, 1995
The rugrats go to Boris and Minka's for Passover, and get locked in the attic with Boris, who's recounting of the Passover story is seen through Angelica's eyes, using the rugrats as historical characters.

Kid TV/The Sky is Falling

S3 E24
Oct 22, 1994
The TV breaks, and all the rugrats use a cardboard box to create their own shows, not missing the actual programming at all. In response to one of Chuckie's questions, Angelica makes up a "fact" that the sky is falling and the world is ending.

I Remember Melville/No More Cookies

S3 E25
Nov 5, 1994
Chuckie adopts a pet, Melville the Bug. After Angelica overdoses on cookies and winds up with a stomach ache, she makes the rugrats promise to keep the cookies away from her, no matter what.

Cradle Attraction/Moving Away

S3 E26
Nov 12, 1994
Chuckie falls for a new girl, Megan, and they express their affection by picking on each other. At first the Rugrats are glad to hear that Angelica's moving away, but Tommy thinks about the time they all first met.