Season 2

Episode Guide

Toy Palace/Sand Ho!

S2 E1
Sep 20, 1992
Tommy and Chuckie accidentally are left in a huge toy store after closing. After Grandpa reads a pirate story, everyone imagines they're buccaneers on the high seas.

Chuckie vs. The Potty/Together at Last

S2 E2
Sep 13, 1992
When Chuckie spends a weekend at the Pickles house, he tells Tommy that his father is trying to potty train him.

The Big House/The Shot

S2 E3
Sep 27, 1992
Tommy gets put in a care center that seems an awful lot like a prison. When Tommy has to go to the doctor to get a shot.

Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch/Mirrorland

S2 E4
Oct 4, 1992
Tommy and Chuckie go to a playground where kids live in fear of a bully. Tommy and Chuckie learn there is a "mirrorland" on the other side of a mirror Didi brings home.

Angelica's in Love/Ice Cream Mountain

S2 E5
Oct 11, 1992
Angelica gets a crush on a 4 year old boy who wears a leather jacket. While driving to the ice cream place, Stu and Didi take a detour to a mini-golf course.

Regarding Stuie/Garage Sale

S2 E6
Oct 18, 1992
When Stu is hit on the head by his latest creation, he suffers temporary amnesia and starts acting like a baby. When the Pickles have a garage sale, the rugrats lend a hand by gathering up all of the adults' belongings.

Let There be Light/The Bank Trick

S2 E7
Oct 25, 1992
While Stu is testing a new electrical toy, he accidentally blacks out the entire city. While running errands with Didi, Tommy and Chuckie mistake the "ATM" for the "M&M" machine.

Family Reunion/Grandpa's Date

S2 E8
Nov 1, 1992
En route to the Pickles family reunion, Angelica explains to Tommy that all parents give their children away to other parents at family reunions. Stu and Didi leave Tommy and Chuckie with Grandpa Lou for a night.

No Bones About It/Beach Blanket Babies

S2 E9
Nov 8, 1992
At the Natural History Museum, Tommy and his pals see their first giant dinosaur skeleton. Chuckie's father buys him "sea monkeys" to keep as pets but Chuckie believes the creatures will be happier in the ocean.

Reptar on Ice/Family Feud

S2 E10
Nov 15, 1992
The rugrats find a lizard and immediately assume that it must be the baby of Reptar. After a game of charades gets too intense, the Pickles and the DeVilles stop talking and the rugrats set out to reunite the two families.

Superhero Chuckie/The Dog Broomer

S2 E11
Nov 22, 1992
After watching the TV hero, Captain Blasto, the rugrats convince Chuckie that he can become a superhero when he dons a cape. When Spike begins to smell just a little too stinky, Didi hires a dog groomer to clean him up.

Aunt Miriam/The Inside Story

S2 E12
Nov 29, 1992
After watching a sci-fi movie about giant space ants, Tommy and Chuckie worry that Tommy's Aunt might be one./The rugrats decide to shrink down with a "lazy-beam" in order to retrieve a watermelon seed from Chuckie's tummy.

A Visit from Lipschitz/What the Big People Do

S2 E13
Dec 13, 1992
Didi meets Dr. Lipschitz, at a book signing and promptly invites him home for dinner. The rugrats fantasize about what it would be like to be adults. They eventually decide they like being babies after all.

The Santa Experience

S2 E14
Dec 6, 1992
The families escape to a mountain cabin in search of "the perfect Christmas."

Visitors from Outer Space/The Case of the Missing Rugrat

S2 E15
Dec 20, 1992
After hearing Grandpa's stories, Tommy dreams of being taken aboard an alien spaceship. When Grandpa accidentally loses Tommy, he must resort to his old private-eye skills to track the boy down.

Chuckie Loses his Glasses/Chuckie Gets Skunked

S2 E16
Dec 27, 1993
When a game of hide and go seek goes awry, Chuckie loses his glasses and the whole world appears to him as a blurry kaleidoscopic nightmare. A skunk sprays Chuckie and he becomes even more pitiful than usual.

Rebel Without a Teddy Bear/Angelica the Magnificent

S2 E17
Jan 3, 1993
When Tommy's favorite stuffed animal gets taken away, he decides to take Angelica's advice and becomes bad./Angelica gets a "Wee Wizard" magic kit as a gift.

Meet the Carmichaels/The Box

S2 E18
Jan 10, 1993
A new family moves in across the street from Tommy. Stu buys Tommy a "Kiddie Karnival," but Tommy and the rugrats are much more interested in the potential of the box in which the karnival came.

Down the Drain/Let Them Eat Cake

S2 E19
Jan 17, 1993
After Angelica tells them a horror story, Tommy and Chuckie develop a terrible fear of going down the bath tub drain. When Didi's younger brother Ben gets married, Tommy and Chuckie become enthralled by the wedding cake.

The Seven Voyages of Cynthia/My Friend Barney

S2 E20
Apr 11, 1993
Tommy and Chuckie accidentally lose Angelica's favorite doll, Cynthia, and must face the dilemma of whether to tell Angelica. Chuckie gets an imaginary friend, Barney.

Feeding Hubert/Spike the Wonder Dog

S2 E21
Apr 18, 1993
The rugrats develop a fascination with the garbage truck that comes every week. After the rugrats see a TV show about a talking dog, they becomes convinced that Spike's been refusing to talk to them.

The Slide/The Big Flush

S2 E22
Apr 25, 1993
After a traumatic experience at a "Chuck E. Cheese" pizza joint, Chuckie develops a horrible fear of going down the slide. The rugrats mistake the public pool for a giant potty.

King Ten Pin/Runaway Angelica

S2 E23
May 2, 1993
While Grandpa competes for the senior championship at a local bowling alley, the rugrats discover that Grandpa's opponent is a cheat. After Drew punishes Angelica she decides to runaway... to Tommy's house.

Game show Didi/Toys in the Attic

S2 E24
May 9, 1993
When Didi goes on a "Jeopardy" style game show, she must confront her inner doubts. Boris and Minka agree to take care of Tommy and Angelica for a weekend, but their child care skills have grown rusty.

Driving Miss Angelica/Susie vs. Angelica

S2 E25
May 16, 1993
After Angelica saves Chuckie from getting hit by a troop of big wheelers, she tells Chuckie he has to be her slave for life. Susie, the new kid on the block, sticks up for the rugrats after Angelica's been picking on them.

Tooth or Dare/Party Animals

S2 E26
May 23, 1993
When Angelica learns about the Tooth Fairy, she forms a plan to pull out Chuckie's teeth and put them under her pillow. During a sleepover, Grandpa read the rugrats a bedtime story about Aladdin and his magic lamp.