• Maurice Sendak's Little Bear Season 1

    S1 E8: Little Bear's Mermaid/Father F

    24M SEP 17, 2001 TV-Y

    S1 E8: When Little Bear's family goes on a picnic by the lake, Little Bear meets a mermaid. Little Bear and his father surprise Mother Bear with a breakfast of Father's famous flying flapjacks.

    Starring: Kristin Fairlie, Andrew Sabiston, Jennifer Martini, Tracy Ryan, Janet-Laine Green

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Maurice Sendak's Little Bear
Little Bear is an animated series based on the series of books written by Else Holmelund and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. The curious cub and his forest friends, including Owl, Hen, Cat and Emily, a human girl who lives nearby, play together in the woods, relying on their imaginations to provide them with plenty of adventures.
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Kristin Fairlie Andrew Sabiston Jennifer Martini Tracy Ryan Janet-Laine Green
Maurice Sendak's Little Bear