Season 8

Episode Guide


S8 E1
Oct 30, 2017
Remy Ma hosts a Unity party to celebrate her successes but Bianca can't let go of a beef from her past. Dominican singer Anais wishes to return to the spotlight even if it interferes with her marriage. Judy causes problems for Yandy and Mendeecees.

Rubbed The Wrong Way

S8 E2
Nov 6, 2017
Judy pops up to Yandy's event with a special gift for her. Safaree and Dreamdoll connect and sparks fly. NY artist Jaquae tries to mediate the situation between Bri and Bianca. Navarro introduces Anais to Rich. MariahLynn has a new man in her life.


S8 E3
Nov 13, 2017
James R tries to get even with MariahLynn. Dreamdoll confronts Bianca about her beef with Bri. Lil' Mo and Karl are looking for a comeback. Navarro tries to mend the rift between Anais and Ashley.


S8 E4
Nov 20, 2017
Yandy gets revenge on her interfering mother-in-law. Jaquae makes a discovery about Sophia. MariahLynn confronts James R. Jonathan and Anais try to fix their friendship. Lil Mo wants Karl to squash the internet rumors.

Streets Are Talking

S8 E5
Nov 27, 2017
When confronted about Yandy, Bianca goes on the attack. Safaree suffers a loss. Mariah and Self discuss Dreamdoll. Rich and Anais have a rendezvous. Karl takes a lie detector test for Lil Mo.

Puppy Love

S8 E6
Dec 4, 2017
Remy Ma invites Lil Mo to her opening but an uninvited guest pops up. Yandy and Bianca put their relationship on the line. Rich debates telling Navarro about his relationship with Anais.


S8 E7
Dec 11, 2017
Remy takes issue with Papoose's search for a fertility doctor. Rich and Anais slip up in front of Navarro. Safaree gets back to work. Sophia turns to James R for help. Ashley and Ayisha have a spat.


S8 E8
Dec 18, 2017
Jonathan becomes suspicious of Trent. Mariahlynn reveals new body parts. Sophia and James R grow closer but his video release party gets heated when Jaquae, Self, and Snoop show up.

Bad Reputation

S8 E9
Dec 25, 2017
Yandy and Remy pop up on Juju. Jonathan confronts Trent and pulls out a surprise. Ashley accuses Navarro of cheating and drops a bomb. Things turn ugly when MariahLynn and Dreamdoll meet up.

Single No Mingle

S8 E10
Jan 1, 2018
Rich helps manage a meet-and-greet for Anais. Safaree demands to know where he stands with Dream. Bri confronts MariahLynn for flirting with Dreamdoll's man. Safaree talks to Juju about her breakup.

Gram In Your Hand

S8 E11
Jan 8, 2018
Ruben confronts Navarro about Anais's affair. Bianca introduces Jaquae to Kiyanne. Remy tells Lil Mo about Karl's secret Instagram. Sophia sees Jaquae for the first time since their break-up.

Peace Talk

S8 E12
Jan 22, 2018
Mariah meets with a person from her past. Jonathan confronts his mother about sending him to conversion therapy as a child. Remy and Yandy round up the younger girls to try and squash their beef.

St. Maarten Part 1

S8 E13
Jan 29, 2018
After trying to hold court between the young ladies, Yandy makes decisions on who to take to St. Maarten. Anais confronts Yandy about being disrespected. Bianca catches up with a friend.

St. Maarten Part 2

S8 E14
Feb 5, 2018
Bri and Kiyanne come face to face. Jaquae spends the night with an unexpected person. Jaquae tells Kiyanne about his spending the night with somebody else.


S8 E15
Feb 19, 2018
Bri and Mariah try to get Dream and Bianca on the same page. Jaquae tries to fix his relationship with Kiyanne. Safaree brings everyone together to record Paradise the remix.


S8 E16
Feb 26, 2018
Anais attempts to mend her relationship with her husband, but Rich Dollaz could still be standing in the way. Safaree debuts the Paradise remix at a party where he's forced to deal with his artist.

The Reunion Part 1

S8 E17
Mar 5, 2018
The cast of Love & Hip Hop New York reunites as host Nina Parker gets all the tea on Season 8. Bianca and Bri address their issues, a baby is on the way for one couple, and beef takes center stage.

The Reunion Part 2

S8 E18
Mar 12, 2018
On the conclusion of Love & Hip Hop, The Reunion, the Diaz sisters take on Anais, Juju reveals her relationship status, and the cast gets to the bottom of the confusion around the Paradise remix.