Season 2

Episode Guide

Still Look Pretty

S2 E1
Nov 14, 2011
Chrissy still doesn't have a ring on her finger & her rapper boyfriend Jim Jones has already lost his! Emily has finally found the resolve to call it quits with her commitment-phobic rapper boyfriend.

"B----, I'm Fuego"

S2 E2
Nov 21, 2011
In the aftermath of the fight that went down at Emily's emancipation party, everyone tries to make sense of it all but battle lines are beginning to emerge. Yandy gives Chrissy a self-help book aimed at troublesome in-laws.

A Toast To Kimbella

S2 E3
Nov 28, 2011
Trying to help Emily transition into single life, good friend & recording artist Teairra Mari drags her to an industy event, which turns out to be a party celebrating Kimbella's cover photo on "Black Men's Magazine".


S2 E4
Dec 5, 2011
Olivia reveals her troubled relationship with her mom. Meanwhile, Jim's mom Nancy is working hard to improve relations with Chrissy. Kimbella also tries to make up with Emily by throwing her a party.

Emily's 'Fabolous' Life

S2 E5
Dec 19, 2011
Emily's new life as a single working mom takes off when she lands a high profile styling job during New York's fashion week. But when Fab shows up to support her, everyone begins to wonder just how "single" she really is.

Bottle Service

S2 E6
Dec 26, 2011
Jim buys himself a fancy new car which doesn't sit well with Chrissy who is still waiting for her fancy new ring. She meets with a trusted aunt and uncle who drop some wisdom that seems to give her renewed strength.

These Are The Breaks

S2 E7
Jan 2, 2012
Chrissy gives in to pent up frustration & questions her relationship with Jim. To clear her head, she takes off to Miami with Emily & Olivia. Is Jim's secret plan to engage Chrissy too little too late?

Miami Vice

S2 E8
Jan 9, 2012
Jim Jones surprises Chrissy in Miami with a touchin proposal. Meanwhile, Teirra Mari & Olivia are both being courted by producer Rico Love. It's a three way that creates instant tensions.

Back To Reality

S2 E9
Jan 16, 2012
Olivia meets with influential DJ Funk Master Flex hoping she'll be able to move forward by confronting her harshest critics. Meanwhile, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for her record deal quest.

At The End Of The Day

S2 E10
Jan 23, 2012
Jim & Chrissy confront the inevitable: will they marry or split up? Is Olivia finally on the path to success? And how exactly will Yandy re-position herself now that she's dropped her number one client after 7 years.

Reality Check

S2 E11
Feb 6, 2012
In revealing, one-on-one interviews, all of the Love and Hip Hop stars speak frankly about which cast members they get along with, who they hate, and answer all of the burning questions that the fans want to know.