Season 5

Episode Guide

Bride and Prejudice

S5 E1
Dec 15, 2014
Mendeecees and Yandy figure out the next steps in their lives. Erica wants to move things forward with Cyn. Peter tries to do right by Amina, but can't get Tara off his mind. Chrissy has a run-in with her enemy, Erica.

You're Cancelled

S5 E2
Dec 22, 2014
Diamond and Cisco try to overcome lies and trust issues in their relationship, while Amina starts to realize Peter and Tara are not over. Mendeecees wants to accelerate their life plans, but Yandy wants to play it safe.

A Lie For A Lie

S5 E3
Jan 5, 2015
Erica and Cyn's relationship blows up due to suspected infidelities. Peter lies to Amina about a "business trip". Yandy and Mendeecees set a date for their wedding. Cisco digs into his past and tries to get Diamond back.

A Woman Scorned

S5 E4
Jan 12, 2015
Cyn and Erica's relationship spirals after Cyn digs into their business dealings. Yandy surprises Mendeecees with a "gift". Peter's "business trip" with Tara doesn't quite go as planned.

Oh Baby!

S5 E5
Jan 19, 2015
Erica reconnects with Rich and learns he's got a new client she doesn't approve of. Cisco speaks with his baby mama to try and get past their issues. Chrissy pressures Chink to have a baby. Amina goes into labor.

Exes and Ohs

S5 E6
Jan 26, 2015
Peter comes clean to Amina. Cyn and Rich agree to work together until Erica tries to sabotage their event. Chrissy realizes Chink's unwillingness to get divorced is a deal breaker. Yandy is thrust into a messy situation.

Mama Drama

S5 E7
Feb 2, 2015
Peter tries to to convince Amina it's over between he and Tara. Rich begins working with his new remarkable artist, Jhonni Blaze. Cisco and Diamond attempt a sit down. Mendeecees tries to patch things up with Samantha.

Worlds Collide

S5 E8
Feb 9, 2015
Yandy and Mendeecees continue to have problems with their extended family. Cisco tries to get to a good place with his children's mother. Peter brings the whole family together. Erica tells her best friend about a new love.

Call Your Bluff

S5 E9
Feb 16, 2015
Rich tries to get his artists in check. Diamond uncovers Cisco's hidden conversations with Tasha. Amina rattles Tara when she reveals a secret from Peter's past. Yandy accuses Mendeecees' assistant of stalking her.

Regrets Only

S5 E10
Feb 23, 2015
Peter is furious that Amina snitched on him. Mendeecees lies to Yandy that Omere is in the hospital. Erica tells her family that she is in love. Diamond enlists the help of Rich to get Cisco back. Chrissy does a sexy photo shoot

You Again?

S5 E11
Mar 2, 2015
Emotions run high when Erica and Cyn meet one last time. Chink feels betrayed by Chrissy's secret magazine shoot. Peter realizes what he has lost and chases Amina to Germany. Rich breaches guy code.

Mind Your Manners

S5 E12
Mar 9, 2015
Diamond falls hard for Rich, claiming him in front of Jhonni, and in public. Yandy takes matters into her own hands with a certain assistant. Tara encourages Amina to stand her ground with Peter.

All Heart

S5 E13
Mar 16, 2015
Jhonni pours her heart out to Rich only to have it broken. Cisco confesses to Cyn he is falling for her. Chrissy heads to DC and finally meets Chink's family. Yandy receives some grim news about her father.

The Final Countdown

S5 E14
Mar 23, 2015
Jhonni and Rich deal with some unfinished business. Erica tries to help Peter win Amina back. Chrissy gives Chink an ultimatum. Cyn and Cisco discuss their relationship. Yandy decides to take a big step before the baby is born.

Surprise, Surprise

S5 E15
Mar 30, 2015
Peter presents Amina with a ring, asking her to stay. Chrissy tells Chink to make a final decision on their relationship. Diamond and Cisco come together for one last time. Yandy drops a big surprise on Mendeecees.

The Reunion: Part 1

S5 E16
Apr 6, 2015
The cast of Love & Hip Hop New York reunites as host Nina Parker ignites all of the explosive moments and encounters from Season 5. Erica tends to her unfinished business with Chrissy & Cyn, while Jhonni takes aim at Diamond.

The Reunion: Part 2

S5 E17
Apr 13, 2015
The drama continues between Jhonni and Diamond, while Peter is in the middle of his ongoing love triangle. Yandy handles Remy once and for all and a farewell becomes final, when Erica Mena reflects on her time on Love & Hip Hop.