Season 8

Episode Guide

Critical Condition

S8 E1
Sep 24, 2002
Bud fights for his life after having his leg blown off by a land mine and being operated upon multiple times.

Dangerous Game

S8 E4
Oct 15, 2002
Harm and Mac are called in a case involving a Seal team leader on a guerilla war game.

In Thin Air

S8 E5
Oct 22, 2002
Harm is ordered to defend a plane-maintenance officer who he believes is guilty of making an error that caused the death of an aviator.

Need to Know

S8 E7
Nov 05, 2002
Harm, Mac and Turner go up against the CIA's top counsel when the agency tries to keep a old Navy sub tragedy classified.

Friendly Fire

S8 E15
Feb 11, 2003
Harm takes his turn on the bench in a 'friendly fire' incident, whereby British troops were killed by an American pilot.