Season 3

Episode Guide

Ghost Ship

S3 E1
Sep 23, 1997
When two ship inspectors investigate an old vessel named the U.S.S. Hornet, they find more than they bargained for.

The Court Martial Of Sandra Gilbert

S3 E2
Sep 30, 1997
A Congresswoman will stop at nothing to railroad a female helicopter is pilot who is having an affair with her husband.

King Of The Fleas

S3 E5
Oct 21, 1997
When a wheelchair-bound Vietnam Veteran confesses to a murder, Harm" doesn't take him seriously.


S3 E6
Oct 28, 1997
When an F-14 and it's pilot disappear in the Bermuda Triangle during a training mission Harm and Mac are sent in to investigate.

Against All Enemies

S3 E7
Nov 04, 1997
Harm and Mac are sent to Japan to investigate the accidental downing of a commercial Korean jetliner by an American F-14.


S3 E9
Nov 18, 1997
After two helicopters crash under mysterious circumstances, Harm is assigned to investigate the incident and to determine who is at fault.

People Vs Rabb

S3 E10
Nov 25, 1997
Harm is accused of murder after he is found by FBI Agents in a deserted warehouse with a dead man and a smoking gun.


S3 E11
Dec 09, 1997
Harm defends a female ensign who claims she murdered an officer because her "instincts" told her he meant to hurt her.

With Intent To Die

S3 E13
Jan 13, 1998
Admiral Chegwidden investigates the apparent suicide of his mentor, who allegedly shot himself while on a hunting trip with several friends.

Father's Day

S3 E14
Feb 03, 1998
Harm and Mac are disappointed when theyy are assigned a seemingly simple dereliction of duty case.

Tiger, Tiger

S3 E18
Mar 24, 1998
When Harm takes young Josh on a weekend cruise for Navy families aboard the frigate, pleasure turns to fear when the ship is taken over by terrorists.

The Imposter

S3 E20
Apr 21, 1998
Clark Palmer, a renegade government agent, breaks into Harm's apartment, incapacitates him, and then assunes his identity.

The Return Of Jimmy Blackhorse

S3 E21
Apr 28, 1998
JAG encounter resistance from Navajo tribal elders when they insist on DNA testing to verify that human remains of a war hero who has been missing since World War II.

To Russia With Love

S3 E24
May 19, 1998
Harm gets new evidence, confirmed by an eyewitness, that his father was imprisoned in a Siberian gulag.