Season 5

Episode Guide

King Of The Greenie Board

S5 E1
Sep 21, 1999
Harm adjusts to his new surroundings on the USS Patrick Henry, as the ships captain accidently attacks Russian peacekeepers.

Rules Of Engagement

S5 E2
Sep 28, 1999
After he murders three Russian officials, Buxton demands that Harm and Brumby be his lawyers, thereby preventing Harm from testifying against him.

True Callings (Aka Harms Way)

S5 E3
Oct 05, 1999
Harm doubts his ability as a pilot and later is tested in the air to save a friends life.

Psychic Warrior

S5 E6
Nov 02, 1999
Harm defends the admiral in charge of a project involving psychic phenomena that results in the death of one of its research subjects.


S5 E7
Nov 09, 1999
Harm gets involed in a cat and mouse game when a former special Forces operative goes Rogue.


S5 E10
Nov 30, 1999
After a training exercise mishap aboard the USS Patrick Henry, Mac and Brumby investigate to find out why.

Into the Breech

S5 E12
Jan 11, 2000
Harm and Mac assist students in a mock-court martial of a captain who blew up a battleship and killed 29 people.

Boomerang Ii

S5 E16
Feb 15, 2000
Roberts and Harm investiage Jenny's strange behavior leading up to an important trial date.

People V. Gunny

S5 E17
Feb 22, 2000
Trouble in the JAG office starts when an officer is charged with assault following an off-duty altercation outside a gay bar.

Bridge At Kang So Ri

S5 E18
Feb 29, 2000
Harm and Mac are assigned to investigate charges that American GIs shot and killed civilians during the Korean War.

Drop Zone

S5 E20
Apr 04, 2000
Mac prosecutes a SEAL jumpmaster that is charged with causing the drowning death of a trainee during a parachute mishap.

Overdue And Presumed Lost

S5 E22
May 02, 2000
Harm and the Admiral try to prevent a salvage hunter from recovering a submarine that disappeared just before the attack on Pearl Harbor, and find out the sub may have been involved in a long-forgotten conspiracy.

Surface Warfare

S5 E25
May 23, 2000
Harm and Mac investigate when and extremely powerful CIWS gun appears to malfunction during an exercise. Also, Admiral A.J. Chegwidden receives and award at the annual Surface Warfare Ball.