Season 1

Episode Guide

Pilot, Part 1 and Part 2

S1 E1
Sep 23, 1995
Harm leads the probe into a female flier's mysterious death.


S1 E2
Sep 30, 1995
The mastermind behind a high-tech weapon holds a sub crew hostage to his deadly demands.

Desert Son

S1 E3
Oct 07, 1995
The son of a prominent general is the key suspect in an artillery accident that leaves one soldier dead and several others wounded.

Deja Vu

S1 E4
Oct 21, 1995
The death of a three Naval Lieutenants in eleven months is the basis for an international investigation.

War Cries

S1 E5
Nov 11, 1995
A shooting at the U.S. embassy in Peru uncovers an assassination plot.

Pilot Error

S1 E6
Nov 14, 1995
Harm takes his latest case personally.


S1 E7
Dec 02, 1995
After a lightning strike, a damaged F-14 Tomcat is forced to ditch in Cuba. Harm and Meg, are dispatched to negotiate the return of the pilot.

Big Break

S1 E8
Dec 02, 1995
A prison breakout endangers Meg's life.


S1 E9
Dec 09, 1995
An American soldier is captured in Iraq, and it's up to Harm to rescue him.


S1 E10
Jan 06, 1996
Rabb and Austin are called to defend a legendary Navy pilot known as "The Cag."


S1 E11
Jan 13, 1996
Have aliens kidnapped a 10-year-old girl?


S1 E12
Feb 03, 1996
A marine in training is found nearly dead on the beach during a training exercise.

Defensive Action

S1 E13
Mar 13, 1996
Harmon Rabb Jr. (David James Elliott) and Meg Austin (Tracey Needham) are called to defend a legendary Navy pilot known as "The Cag" (Terry O'Quinn) who has been accused of shooting down a Serbian aircraft during a cease fire.


S1 E14
Mar 27, 1996
A man dressed as a janitor breaks into the British Naval room at the Pentagon.

High Ground

S1 E15
Apr 03, 1996
A Colonel is killed near a shooting range, which leads to an investigation.

Black Ops

S1 E16
Apr 10, 1996
Harm is called in to probe the death of Navy pilot who was killed while training with the Navy SEALs.


S1 E17
Apr 17, 1996
Anderson is experiencing flashbacks to his time in the Vietnam war, and may be emotionally unstable.


S1 E18
May 01, 1996
The "accidental" death of an astronaut is no accident.

The Prisoner

S1 E19
May 08, 1996
On a sailing trip near Hong Kong, Harm is captured by the Chinese military.


S1 E20
May 22, 1996
A Navy destroyer steams toward disaster in the waters off North Korea.

Skeleton Crew

S1 E21
Jul 10, 1996
Harm's past history with a murder victim makes him the prime suspect.