Season 6

Episode Guide


S6 E1
Sep 23, 2009
A shooting and its aftermath drastically change the life of a member of the team.

Blacklist (Featuring Gravedigger)

S6 E2
Sep 30, 2009
The team searches for a cyber killer who seems to be targeting medical health care workers.

LAT 40 Degrees 47 Minutes N/Long 73 Degrees 58 Minutes W

S6 E3
Oct 7, 2009
Mac and the team follow the trail of evidence left by a killer after two bodies are found.

Dead Reckoning

S6 E4
Oct 14, 2009
DNA evidence contradicts the confession of a scorned woman who claimed to have murdered her husband.

Battle Scars

S6 E5
Oct 21, 2009
A shooting victim is a rising star in the world of hip-hop dance battles.

It Happened to Me

S6 E6
Nov 4, 2009
An executive from a software company bleeds to death on a Manhattan street.

Hammer Down

S6 E7
Nov 11, 2009
An accident reveals an interstate trucking ring specializing in black market organ harvesting.

Cuckoo's Nest

S6 E8
Nov 18, 2009
The CSIs finds a compass near a body that fell from the 59th Street Bridge.


S6 E9
Nov 25, 2009
As the team races to save the Compass Killer's fourth victim, the sunrise presents a final surprise.

Death House

S6 E10
Dec 9, 2009
A911 call sends the CSIs to a vacant penthouse, where they unearth a nearly century-old corpse.

Second Chances

S6 E11
Dec 16, 2009
The team investigates when a reformed drug addict is found dead in an alley.

Criminal Justice

S6 E12
Jan 13, 2010
The team discovers planted evidence while investigating a stabbing.

Flag on the Play

S6 E13
Jan 20, 2010
The quarterback of a women's football team is found dead in the locker room.

Sanguine Love

S6 E14
Feb 3, 2010
A murder investigation takes the CSIs into a subculture of vampirism.

The Formula

S6 E15
Feb 10, 2010
The CSIs discover that car tampering led to the explosion that killed a racing legend.

Uncertainty Rules

S6 E16
Mar 3, 2010
After a man's friends turn up dead, he is found covered in their blood.

Pot of Gold

S6 E17
Mar 10, 2010
A double homicide involving two journalists occurs on the eve of St. Patrick's Day.

Rest in Peace, Marina Garito

S6 E18
Apr 7, 2010
Stella risks her life to solve the case of a woman, linked to an unsolved murder, is found dead.


S6 E19
Apr 14, 2010
A death row inmate's final request brings Dr. Hawkes to a prison just as a riot erupts.

Tales From the Undercard

S6 E20
May 5, 2010
An investigation takes the team into the underground world of hardcore fighting.

Unusual Suspects

S6 E21
May 12, 2010
Mac is determined to seek justice when a 14-year-old boy is shot in front of his brother.

Point of View

S6 E22
May 19, 2010
While at home recuperating from an injury, Mac witnesses mysterious behavior that leads to a murder.

Vacation Getaway

S6 E23
May 26, 2010
An escaped criminal's plans put Danny's and Lindsay's lives in danger.