Season 3

Episode Guide

People With Money

S3 E1
Sep 20, 2006
A public marriage-proposal appears to end in murder; Mac realizes that dating the team's new medical examiner (Claire Forlani) will be a unique challenge.

Not What It Looks Like

S3 E2
Sep 27, 2006
Three women dress as Holly Golightly and pull off a jewelry heist that results in injury to some innocent bystanders.

Love Run Cold

S3 E3
Oct 04, 2006
During a marathon in Central Park, the team fights through crowds to collect evidence when a runner dies, apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hung Out to Dry

S3 E4
Oct 11, 2006
A serial killer uses codes found on T-shirts as inspiration for his murders; Mac and Stella must unravel the hidden codes in order to stop him.

Oedipus Hex

S3 E5
Oct 18, 2006
An 18-year old, who dreams of becoming a SuicideGirl, is murdered after performing in one of their shows; a homeless man turned streetballer is killed after winning a one-on-one game in Rucker Park.

Open and Shut

S3 E6
Oct 25, 2006
While investigating a hotel concierge's murder, the team hears gunshots across the street, where a woman (Dedee Pfeiffer) has shot an intruder.

Murder Sings the Blues

S3 E7
Nov 01, 2006
A young woman is found dead on a train car that appears to have been an underground party destination.


S3 E8
Nov 08, 2006
An investigation into the death of a paintball player gets complicated with the disappearance of the prime suspect, and evidence found at the scene implicates someone else.

And Here's to You, Mrs. Azrael

S3 E9
Nov 15, 2006
The CSI team has a long list of suspects when a woman is murdered in her hospital bed following a drunken-driving accident she caused.

Sweet 16

S3 E10
Nov 22, 2006
The team investigates the competitive world of pigeon racing when a trainer is murdered and the birds are poisoned; a girl's father is found dead behind the wheel of her new car at her sweet-16 party.

Raising Shane

S3 E11
Nov 29, 2006
The primary suspect in a bartender's murder is Sheldon Hawkes; Mac and the team's removal from the case frustrates them; Danny and Stella investigate an apparent overdose that may be connected to an escaped serial killer (Edward Furlong).

Silent Night

S3 E12
Dec 13, 2006
A teenager is shot while protecting her infant sister, and Mac must rely on the victim's hearing-impaired family for vital clues to the killer's identity.


S3 E13
Jan 17, 2007
A man found dead in the snow with a price tag inside his stomach leads the team to an annual competition in which contestants race shopping carts from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

The Lying Game

S3 E14
Jan 24, 2007
A transgender showgirl is murdered outside a hotel where a congressional banquet and a magazine launch party are being held, leaving the team with a long list of possible suspects.

Some Buried Bones

S3 E15
Feb 07, 2007
Mac's stepson (Kyle Gallner) is a key witness when a college student is found dead in a park; a shoplifter (Nelly Furtado) is the prime suspect when a security guard is found dead in a dressing room at a high-end store.

Heart of Glass

S3 E16
Feb 14, 2007
A music mogul is murdered in his penthouse, and the only witness to the crime has a motive for wanting him dead.

The Ride-In

S3 E17
Feb 21, 2007
A man named Noah is found dead under a sea of cash, with an ark full of people and animals in his backyard.

Sleight Out of Hand

S3 E18
Feb 28, 2007
The team wonders if the tricks of a world-renowned illusionist (Criss Angel) have become reality when two of his crew members are found dead in ways that mimic his illusions.

A Daze of Wine and Roaches

S3 E19
Mar 21, 2007
Mac and Stella investigate the murder of a young girl's handler, who was killed during a U.N. fundraiser.

What Schemes May Come

S3 E20
Apr 11, 2007
Investigators probe the death of a man wearing medieval armor, found impaled on a lance; a body stolen from a coroner's van leads the team into the world of genetic testing.

Past Imperfect

S3 E21
Apr 25, 2007
The conviction of a serial killer (Joey Lawrence) is overturned when his arresting officer goes to jail, but Mac ignores orders and goes after him when a new victim surfaces.

Cold Reveal

S3 E22
May 02, 2007
Painful memories haunt Stella when she learns her DNA is connected to a Philadelphia murder case; an internal investigation threatens Mac's career.

... Comes Around

S3 E23
May 09, 2007
All evidence points to a man (guest star John McEnroe) who has an iron-clad alibi for the time of the murder.

Snow Day

S3 E24
May 16, 2007
The team must save the lab when a drug lord and his crew descend upon its vault in hope of retrieving their merchandise.