• Black Ink Crew Season 8

    S8 E22: Moving Too Funny for Me

    42M MAR 31, 2020 TV-14

    S8 E22: Ceaser fires his shot at Ryan and the two confront each other in a showdown. Relationship issues continue to worry Donna and Alex, while Walt has his own tale of woe. Ceaser receives news that could threaten the very existence of Black Ink New York.

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Black Ink Crew New York
"Black Ink Crew" follows the daily goings-on and associated drama at a Harlem, N.Y., tattoo empire, where a tight yet dysfunctional staff of artists serve a growing celebrity clientele. The shop is a magnet for hip-hop stars as well as pro athletes, video vixens and a who's who of urban elite. Ceaser, owner and creator of the Black Ink brand, has made the business into a New York hotspot for fresh ink. Embarking on new journeys and business endeavors, Ceaser employs some close, very vocal friends who make up the "crew," including quick-witted, fiery manager Sky and Cleveland-born tattooist Donna.
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Black Ink Crew New York