Season 50

Episode Guide

The Dutch Solution, The Power of Google, Into the Wild

S50 E55
Sep 24, 2018
How Dutch stormwater management could have mitigated damage from Hurricane Florence; then, Steve Kroft reports on how Google got so big; and, Anderson Cooper goes into the wild with Thomas D. Mangelsen

The Data Miner, The Shooting, The Price of Admission

S50 E52
Sep 3, 2018
Untangling the Facebook data scandal; then, Rep. Steve Scalise on surviving his life-threatening gunshot wound; and, why Bill and Melinda Gates put 20,000 students through college

The Fighter, Collateral Damage, The Harvard Lampoon

S50 E51
Aug 27, 2018
From 2017, Lesley Stahl interviews John McCain; then, the U.S. fight against Chinese espionage ensnares innocent Americans; and, 60 Minutes goes inside the Harvard Lampoon

War Crime, Saving a Generation, Second Act

S50 E50
Aug 20, 2018
What a chemical attack in Syria looks like; then, Bill Whitaker reports on how the opioid epidemic is leaving grandparents to raise grandchildren; and, Daniel Barenboim tries bridging the Middle East conflict with music

Hacking Democracy, the Legacy of Lynching, For Better or For Worse

S50 E49
Aug 13, 2018
What happened when Russia hacked the United States' election infrastructure?; then, inside the memorial to victims of lynching; and, following a couple from diagnosis to the final stages of Alzheimer’s

The Wounds of War, The Leaning Tower of San Francisco, Jennifer Lawrence

S50 E48
Aug 6, 2018
Scott Pelley reports on how hospitals have become targets in Syria's civil war; then, San Francisco’s leaning tower of lawsuits; and, Jennifer Lawrence's surprising trip to the top of Hollywood

Pelican Bay, Vast, Airlift

S50 E46
Jul 23, 2018
Reforming solitary confinement at an infamous California prison; then, spectacular revelations courtesy of Hubble; and, saving rhino with helicopters

The Monuments, Seaweed, Alma

S50 E45
Jul 16, 2018
The history and future of Confederate monuments; then, seaweed farming and its surprising benefits; and, the prodigy whose “first language” is Mozart

Redemption, Voyagers, The Young American

S50 E44
Jul 9, 2018
Meet a convicted felon who became a Georgetown law professor; then, the little spacecraft that could; and, will Christian Pulisic be the next big name in soccer?

The Whistleblower, Donald Sutherland

S50 E41
Jun 18, 2018
An ex-DEA agent says the opioid crisis has been fueled by the drug industry and Congress; and, the long, unconventional career of Donald Sutherland

Singapore Summit, Secret Weapon, JR

S50 E40
Jun 11, 2018
What’s at stake when President Trump meets with Kim Jong Un?; then, Facebook "embeds," Russia and the Trump campaign's secret weapon; and, larger than life displays by French photographer JR

Kabul under siege, Feeding Puerto Rico, "The Greek Freak"

S50 E39
Jun 4, 2018
Kabul under siege while America's longest war rages on; then, José Andrés feeds the people of Puerto Rico; and, Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Milwaukee Bucks' "Greek Freak"

Friendly Fire, The Rhino Crisis

S50 E38
May 28, 2018
Why were 5 U.S. soldiers killed by an American bomber in Afghanistan; and, controversial rhino horn sales eyed as solution to poaching crisis

The Real Power of Google, The Theranos deception, The Spotted Pig

S50 E37
May 21, 2018
How did Google get so big; then, the Theranos deception; and, Mario Batali and the Spotted Pig

Pope Francis, At the Zoo

S50 E36
May 14, 2018
Pope Francis shares candid thoughts in new documentary; and, matchmaking for zoo animals.

100,000 Women, Saving a Generation, Shock Therapy

S50 E35
May 14, 2018
Gynecological Mesh: The medical device that has 100,000 women suing; then, Bill Whitaker reports on how the opioid epidemic is leaving grandparents to raise grandchildren; and, is shock therapy making a comeback?

The Rockford File, Orphans of War, Into the Wild

S50 E34
May 7, 2018
Lesley Stahl reports on the problem with prescription drug prices; then, saving the orphans of war; and, into the wild with Thomas D. Mangelsen

The students of Stoneman Douglas, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia

S50 E27
Mar 19, 2018
Students calling for change after the Parkland shooting; and, the Saudi crown prince talks to 60 Minutes

60 Minutes Presents: Behind Bars

S50 E24
Mar 5, 2018
The prison system that emphasizes rehabilitation over punishment; a bank robber who became a law professor; and beautiful music inside the "waiting room of hell"

God of War, The Blockade of Qatar, The Forger

S50 E6
Oct 30, 2017
Defending the U.S. from North Korea's nuclear threat; Qatar's emir stands defiant in face of blockade; then, how a WWII-era forger saved lives, one fake document at a time.

The Whistleblower, Redemption

S50 E4
Oct 16, 2017
Ex-DEA agent: Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress; Meet a convicted felon who became a Georgetown law professor.

Storming Room 135, Secret Weapon, The Restaurateur

S50 E3
Oct 9, 2017
Officers describe storming Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's hotel room; Facebook ads, Russia and the Trump campaign's secret weapon; Shake Shack founder on changing the way restaurants do business.

Hurricane, The Fighter, Divided

S50 E1
Sep 25, 2017
Hurricane Harvey: A fluke or the future? Then, Sen. John McCain fights back; and, is the U.S. still a nation divided? Oprah Winfrey reports.