Season 56

Episode Guide

12/3/2023: Chaos on Campus; Quantum Computing; Greta Gerwig

S56 E12
Dec 4, 2023
First, investigating Israel-Hamas tensions on college campuses. Then, a look inside the quantum computer race. And, Greta Gerwig: The 60 Minutes Interview.

11/26/2023: Rise; Sealand; Ancient Vines

S56 E11
Nov 27, 2023
First, a trip to a camp for grieving Ukrainians in the Austrian Alps. Then, a visit to Sealand: the world’s smallest state. And, a look at Georgia’s 8,000 years of wine history.

11/19/2023: Disappeared; The Stand; The Underboss; Africatown

S56 E10
Nov 20, 2023
First, Rescuing Ukraine’s abducted children. Then, hear from Maui firefighters on surviving the wildfire. Next, Steven Van Zandt: The 60 Minutes Interview. And, descendants of the enslaved Africans brought to Alabama on the Clotilda slave ship speak up.

11/12/2023: Iran’s Assassins; The Heritage War; Horse Racing Reform?

S56 E9
Nov 13, 2023
First, Iran's push to crush its critics abroad. Then, Ukraine accuses Russia of looting museums. And, a look inside the federal horse doping investigation.

11/5/2023: John Eastman; Our Mistake Is Your Responsibility; Monkey Island

S56 E8
Nov 6, 2023
First, John Eastman on the GA conspiracy case. Then, an investigation into what happens when Social Security mistakenly overpays. And, a look at Hurricane Maria’s impact on Monkey Island.

10/29/2023: Vice President Harris; A Quiet Invasion; The Air We Breathe; The State of the Blues

S56 E7
Oct 30, 2023
First, Kamala Harris: The 2023 60 Minutes Interview. Then, Russia's "quiet invasion" in Georgia. Next, How air systems can curb viruses’ spread. And, The Blues resurgence in the Mississippi Delta.

10/22/2023: The Five Eyes; A Prisoner of Iran; Pink; The Isle of Man

S56 E6
Oct 23, 2023
First, Warnings from “Five Eyes” intelligence leaders. Next, American shares story of being held in Iran. Then, Pink: The 60 Minutes Interview. And, Isle of Man’s dangerous TT motorcycle race.

10/15/2023: President Biden; Rescue at the Kibbutz; The 50

S56 E5
Oct 16, 2023
First, Pres. Biden: The 2023 60 Minutes Interview. Then, Retired Israeli general rescues family. And, Probe into Martha's Vineyard migrant flights.

10/8/2023: The Godfather of AI; General Milley; Rich Paul; 3D Printing

S56 E4
Oct 9, 2023
First, Geoffrey Hinton on promise, risks of AI. Then, Gen. Mark Milley: The 60 Minutes Interview. Next, Rich Paul: The 60 Minutes Interview. And, 3D printing homes on Earth, someday the moon.

10/1/2023: Attorney General; The Rise and Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried

S56 E3
Oct 2, 2023
First, Merrick Garland on the independence of Trump and Hunter Biden investigations.Then, Michael Lewis’ new book on Sam Bankman-Fried.

9/24/2023: CARE Court; Bankrolling the War; Hanging On

S56 E2
Sep 25, 2023
First, Investigating California’s CARE Court. Then, U.S. helps fund Ukraine's fight to survive. And, How sloths survive as nature’s couch potato.

9/17/2023: President Zelenskyy; Into the Streets; Prime Time in Colorado

S56 E1
Sep 18, 2023
First, Scott Pelley interviews Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Then, Benjamin Netanyahu’s push to weaken Israel’s Supreme Court divides nation. And, Jon Wertheim interviews Deion Sanders.