Season 4

Episode Guide

Pass The Tabu

S4 E2
Sep 29, 1972
While the Bradys are vacationing in Hawaii, Bobby finds a Hawaiian idol and everyone who touches it is plagued with bad luck. Greg has a surfing incident causing him to nearly drown. Jan finds the idol and more incidents begin to unravel. Peter, Bobby and Greg are instructed by an archaeologist that to break the curse, they must return the idol to the ancient Hawaiian burial grounds. They set out on the journey, unaware that a shadowy character is following their every move.

The Tiki Caves

S4 E3
Oct 06, 1972
The Brady boys attempt to return a Hawaiian idol to an ancient burial ground to break the curse it is having on their family. Professor Whitehead follows them and holds the boys hostage, believing that they intend to steal his latest find.

Today, I Am a Freshman

S4 E4
Oct 13, 1972
Marcia battles freshman anxiety when she has to start high school and tries to get out of her first day by pretending to be sick. When all else fails, she takes her parents advice to get involved and signs up for every club on campus.

Cyrano de Brady

S4 E5
Oct 20, 1972
Jan brings home her attractive new friend, Kerry, and Peter falls head over heels for her. Greg graciously steps in to play matchmaker, but only makes matters worse. Kerry misreads Greg's intentions and rejects Peter all together.

Fright Night

S4 E6
Oct 27, 1972
Jan and Cindy are terrified when they see a ghost in the house and hear strange noises. They soon discover that the boys are playing a joke and seek revenge.

Jan, The Only Child

S4 E8
Nov 10, 1972
Jan complains that she lacks identity because of the other children in the house and needs her privacy. Her siblings initially try to accommodate her and give her space. However, it only worsens her already bad attitude.

Career Fever

S4 E9
Nov 17, 1972
Mike is flattered when he reads Greg's essay for English class and believes he wants to follow in his footsteps. In actuality, Greg doesn't want to be an architect, he just wrote it to get the assignment done.

Goodbye, Alice, Hello

S4 E10
Nov 24, 1972
The kids give Alice the cold shoulder when she unintentionally reveals to Carol that Greg and Peter broke her antique lamp. Disheartened, Alice makes up an excuse to leave and hires her own replacement.

Greg's Triangle

S4 E11
Dec 08, 1972
Greg is excited about his blossoming relationship with his new girlfriend, Jennifer. However, his loyalty is tested when he finds out Marcia and Jennifer are competing against each other for the captain of the cheerleading squad.

Everyone Can't Be George Washington

S4 E12
Dec 22, 1972
Peter tries out for the role of George Washington in the school play. He is such a good actor, however, that his teacher decides that he can handle portraying the more difficult character of Benedict Arnold.

Love and the Older Man

S4 E13
Jan 05, 1973
Marcias trip to the doctors office results in puppy love when she sets her sights on the new dentist, Dr. Vogel. He expresses interest in having her over and Marcias imagination runs wild thinking about their date. Her heart is broken, however, when she finds out that he is married. He was only asking her over to babysit, not go on a date.

Law and Disorder

S4 E14
Jan 12, 1973
Bobby thinks that becoming the safety monitor at school will increase his popularity, but it does just the opposite. Not only does he report his friends for minor infractions at school; he also turns in his brother and sisters at home.

The Subject Was Noses

S4 E16
Feb 09, 1973
After accepting a date with Charlie, Marcia eagerly accepts a date with Doug, the most popular guy on campus. With two dates on the same night, Marcia makes an excuse to get out of her date with Charlie. On her way to the house, Marcia is caught in the middle of Greg and Peters football game and gets hit in the face. She is horrified when her nose swells to the size of a grapefruit. Upon seeing her imperfection, Doug cancels the date, revealing his sole interest in having a pretty girl on his arm. Marcia realizes her mistake and apologizes to Charlie for lying.

Bobby's Hero

S4 E17
Feb 02, 1973
Bobby becomes obsessed with the legendary outlaw, Jesse James, and tries to take on his character at school. His Principal and teachers grow concerned about his idolizing the outlaw and calls Mike and Carol regarding the problem. Mike sets out to change his sons opinion of the western legend by exposing the truth about Jesse. Bobbys eyes are finally opened when he watches a documentary about the cold hearted killer.

You're Never Too Old

S4 E18
Mar 09, 1973
When Carols widowed mother, Grandma Hutchins comes to visit, the Brady kids play matchmaker and arrange for her to meet Grandpa Brady. Their plan proves unsuccessful when they discover that their grandpa cannot keep up with their energetic grandma. Not only that, Grandpa Brady makes it clear that he does not have the slightest interest in romance

How to Succeed in Business?

S4 E19
Feb 23, 1973
Peter is ecstatic when he lands an after school job at Martinellis bike shop. He reports back to his parents that the job is going great, but does not realize that his slow method of repairing bikes is causing him to fall behind and irritating customers. Mr. Martinelli cannot afford a slow worker and has no other choice but to let him go.

The Great Earring Caper

S4 E20
Mar 02, 1973
Cindy is instructed not to touch a pair of earrings that Marcia is borrowing from Carol. However, she cannot withstand temptation and loses the valuable jewelry. Desperate to escape wrath, Cindy enlists Peters aid in finding them by using his new detective kit. Yet after a day of intense investigation, it appears that Cindy will have to confess that she lost them.

You Can't Win Them All

S4 E22
Nov 20, 2019
Cindy and Bobby have the chance to compete on a televised kids quiz show if they score high enough on a written test. Cindy does everything she can to prepare for the test, while Bobby is over-confident that he can pass without putting forth effort. The studying pays off and Cindy is chosen, but Bobby fails to make the grade and wallows in his misery. Cindys new star status goes to her head and the family tries to deal with her inflated ego.