Season 2

Episode Guide

The Dropout

S2 E1
Sep 25, 1970
Greg becomes obsessed with becoming a big league pitcher and is encouraged by Don Drysdale (former Los Angeles professional baseball player) to pursue his dream.

The Babysitters

S2 E2
Oct 02, 1970
Mike and Carol are desperate to attend a hit play when they are offered tickets on short notice. Since Alice has plans for the evening, they leave Greg and Marcia in charge of their younger siblings.

The Slumber Caper

S2 E3
Oct 09, 1970
Marcia is so excited to have her first slumber party at the house with all of her friends. All of the girls are having a good time, until Principal Randolph (E. G. Marshall guest stars) calls with unfortunate news.

The Un-Underground Movie

S2 E4
Oct 16, 1970
Greg is making a movie about the Pilgrims for school and involves the whole family.

Going Going Steady

S2 E5
Oct 23, 1970
Marcia is infatuated with a boy named Harvey Klinger and her family offers input to help her win his affection.

Call Me Irresponsible

S2 E6
Oct 30, 1970
Greg plans to buy a car in two years and starts collecting advance payments for rides from his siblings. Mike steps in and offers Greg a part-time job at his architectural firm.

The Treasure Of Sierra Avenue

S2 E7
Nov 06, 1970
Bobby finds $1100 while playing football and decides to split it with just his brothers. The girls feel slighted and ask to be included in the hand out.

Fistful Of Reasons

S2 E8
Nov 13, 1970
Cindy's schoolmate, Buddy, teases her because of her lisp and Peter runs to her defense. Buddy then calls Peter a coward for refusing to fight him, but it is only because he doesn't know how.

Not So Ugly Duckling

S2 E9
Nov 20, 1970
Jan has a crush on Clark Tyson, the best looking boy in her class. However, she is disheartened when she discovers that Clark has his eyes set on Marcia.

The Tattletale

S2 E10
Dec 04, 1970
Cindy gets into trouble when she start telling lies. Not only does she lie to Mike and Carol about her siblings; she tells a lie that causes Alice and her boyfriend to get into a fight.

What Goes Up

S2 E11
Dec 11, 1970
Peter talks his friends into letting Bobby join his tree house club. While Bobby is climbing up the ladder, he falls and sprains his ankle. Following the incident, he suffers from a severe fear of heights.

Confessions Confessions

S2 E12
Dec 18, 1970
Peter is sure his weekend camping trip will be cancelled when he breaks his mother's favorite vase.

The Impractical Joker

S2 E13
Jan 01, 1971
Jan looks for attention by playing practical jokes on her family. However, her pranks get out of hand when she loses Greg's pet mouse and science project, Myron, inside the house.

Where There's Smoke

S2 E14
Jan 08, 1971
The girls are concerned when they catch Greg smoking with his friends. Greg admits to his folks that he was smoking and promises not to do it again. However, he breaks their trust the following day when a pack of cigarettes falls out of his pocket.

Will The Real Jan Brady

S2 E15
Jan 15, 1971
Jan feels insecure and lost in the middle as the second of three blonde daughters. In an effort to be noticed, she buys a brunette wig and gets laughed at by her brothers.

The Drummer Boy

S2 E16
Jan 22, 1971
Bobby takes up an interest in playing the drums and drives the family up a wall. Meanwhile, Peter's football teammates pick on him for being in the choir.

Coming Out Party

S2 E17
Jan 29, 1971
Mike's boss, Mr. Phillips, invites the family on a weekend trip on his boat. Unfortunately, Cindy comes down with tonsillitis and the trip is postponed.

Our Son The Man

S2 E18
Feb 05, 1971
Now that Greg is in high school, he insists that he needs his privacy and pushes for getting his own room.

The Liberation of Marcia Brady

S2 E19
Feb 12, 1971
A television reporter interviews Marcia and asks for her opinion about womens lib.

Lights Out

S2 E20
Feb 19, 1971
After seeing a magician perform a disappearing act, Cindy is afraid of the dark and can't sleep unless the lights are on. Mike and Carol hope that her fears will dissipate by having her assist Peter with his magic act.

The Winner

S2 E21
Feb 26, 1971
When Cindy comes home the winner of a Jacks competition, Bobby realizes that he is the only sibling without a trophy. He enters a televised ice-cream eating contest, confidant that he'll win.

Double Parked

S2 E22
Mar 05, 1971
The Brady kids are disheartened when they discover that the county is turning their neighborhood park into a courthouse. In an effort to save the land, they convince Carol to organize a protest.

Tell It Like It Is

S2 E24
Mar 26, 1971
A magazine, entitled, "Tomorrow's Woman," is asking for readers of merged families to submit a story about his or her family. Carol secretly composes an article about her family and sends it in.