Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Nov 30, 2011
Holly, a divorce attorney, sets up her newly single client Stuart with fellow divorcés -- and his new roommates -- Phil and Haskell, who help him adjust to post-married life.

A Little Romance

S1 E2
Dec 7, 2011
Phil uses Holly's assistant, Eden, as bait to sign a star horse jockey, but the jockey only has eyes for Holly, and Haskell urges Stuart to sell his clock collection.

Working Girl

S1 E3
Dec 14, 2011
Holly plays matchmaker for Stuart and accidentally sets him up with a prostitute, while Haskell embellishes his life on social media to make his ex-wife jealous.

Lutz And The Real Girl

S1 E4
Dec 21, 2011
Haskell has Phil pretend to be him when his online girlfriend surprises him with a visit, while Stuart and Holly encounter a homeless man in the laundry room.

An Inconvenient Tooth

S1 E5
Dec 28, 2011
Stuart's work-life imbalance shifts after Phil sleeps with his dental assistant and doesn't call her, while Holly's clothes have a better social life on Eden.

A Very Wrong Engagement

S1 E6
Jan 4, 2012
Holly's mom (Judith Light) visits, and Holly takes over the guys' apartment because she lived there with her ex-fiancé and hasn't yet told her mom that the engagement is off.

Lost In Translation

S1 E7
Jan 11, 2012
Stuart acts as interpreter when Phil meets a Serbian lingerie model, Haskell buys a coffin as an investment, and Holly tries to make a good impression on a neighbor.

My Dinner With Phil

S1 E8
Jan 18, 2012
Stuart takes Phil to his favorite restaurant, where Phil learns his ex-wife is engaged, then later discovers her fiancé cheating, while Holly can't read a colleague's signals.

When Holly Broke Kevin

S1 E9
Jan 25, 2012
Holly starts dating Phil's top client, an all-star basketball player (Amar'e Stoudemire), and it affects his game, while Haskell recruits Stuart into sports betting.

The Ex Always Rings Twice

S1 E10
Feb 1, 2012
Holly needs one of the guys to pretend to be her boyfriend to prove to her cheating ex-fiancé that she's moved on, while a former neighbor tells Stuart his ex-wife is engaged.