• The Exes Season 1

    S1 E9: When Holly Broke Kevin

    21M JAN 24, 2012 TV-PG

    S1 E9: Holly starts dating Phil's top client, an all-star basketball player (Amar'e Stoudemire), and it affects his game, while Haskell recruits Stuart into sports betting.

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The Exes
Newly single Stuart needs a new place to live following his divorce so he moves into an apartment with two bachelors, ladies' man Phil and homebody Haskell. The apartment is owned by Stuart's divorce attorney, Holly, who lives in the apartment across the hall. The bachelors initially have reservations about living with clingy Stuart. But, being across the hall, Holly is there to help avoid any catastrophes. Also in the mix is Holly's assistant, Eden, who has a habit of prying into her boss's personal life.
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The Exes