Season 3

Episode Guide

Hello, Goodbye

S3 E1
Jun 5, 2018
The teachers rally to help a newly poor Ms. Watson throw a back-to-school mixer, a familiar face takes over as principal, and Mrs. Adler discovers a squatter in her classroom.

All By Myselfie

S3 E2
Jun 12, 2018
Ms. Snap launches a campaign to ban selfies, Mr. Pearson learns being a substitute teacher is tough, and one of Mrs. Adler's students gives her pregnancy advice.

Of Lice and Men

S3 E3
Jun 19, 2018
Ms. Snap and Mrs. Adler fight an intense lice outbreak, Ms. Bennigan tries to control her sexual urges, and Ms. Cannon learns how to drive.

Leggo My Preggo

S3 E4
Jun 26, 2018
Mrs. Adler is tired of everyone's opinions about her pregnancy, Ms. Watson gives Ms. Snap a makeover, and Ms. Bennigan gets caught in the middle of disputing parents.

Gender Bender

S3 E5
Jul 10, 2018
Mrs. Adler tries to come to terms with the gender of her baby, Ms. Snap and Ms. Bennigan search for a missing student, and Ms. Watson deals with an unruly imaginary friend.

Wake and Blake

S3 E6
Jul 17, 2018
Ms. Bennigan tries to win over Blake, Ms. Snap wants to give back, and Ms. Watson and Mr. Pearson have a photoshoot to help Mrs. Adler.

The Book Challenge

S3 E7
Jul 24, 2018
While prepping for the Fillmore Book Fair, the teachers bring in hunky movers to set up, and Ms. Snap asks the guest author to help her write her own children's book.

For Poorer or Poorer

S3 E8
Jul 31, 2018
Ms. Watson moves in with Mr. Pearson, Ms. Snap gets catfished on a senior dating app, and one of Ms. Bennigan's students is surprised to see her outside school.

Step By Stepsister

S3 E9
Aug 7, 2018
Ms. Snap gets to know her new stepsister, Mr. Pearson takes charge as he prepares for a talent show performance with Ms. Watson, and Ms. Cannon wants to make a difference.

Hot Deadly Dad

S3 E10
Aug 14, 2018
Ms. Snap convinces Ms. Bennigan that Hot Dad is the killer from a true crime podcast, Ms. Watson attempts to elevate a "dirtbag" family, and Ms. Cannon wears revealing tights.

Thoughts and Bears

S3 E11
Jan 15, 2019
The teachers are concerned when a man with a pet bear moves in next to the school, Mrs. Adler returns from maternity leave, and Ms. Watson faces Mr. Pearson at jury duty.

Operation Egg Drop

S3 E12
Jan 22, 2019
Ms. Snap chooses between reality TV fame and becoming a mother, Ms. Bennigan is overshadowed by classroom technology, and Ms. Watson sets her sights on a science fair win.

Playing the Partum

S3 E13
Jan 29, 2019
Ms. Snap becomes an unlikely Wilderness Gals leader, Ms. Watson finds a creative way to live a life of luxury again, and Mrs. Adler regrets hiring help for her baby.


S3 E14
Feb 5, 2019
Ms. Snap and Mr. Pearson face off in the Fillmore fantasy class playoffs, Ms. Cannon's students give her a makeover, and Ms. Bennigan's parents meet Hot Dad.

Face Your Peers

S3 E15
Feb 12, 2019
Mrs. Adler joins a kid's music group, Mr. Pearson is afraid of a new student whose last two teachers died, and Ms. Watson and Ms. Bennigan seek the author of a mean note.


S3 E16
Feb 19, 2019
Ms. Watson embarks on a mission to find her inner slut, Ms. Snap realizes she's in a relationship, and Mrs. Adler and Toby teach their students about the effects of bullying.

The Final Robe

S3 E17
Feb 26, 2019
Ms. Bennigan chooses her bridal party, Ms. Snap feels overwhelmed as she plans a bachelorette party, and Ms. Watson deals with an uncomfortable diagnosis.

The Tell-Tale Cart

S3 E18
Mar 5, 2019
Ms. Snap and Kyle face communication problems, Ms. Bennigan deals with a TV cart salesman, and Mrs. Adler tries her hand at repairs.

Teacher Depreciation Week

S3 E19
Mar 12, 2019
Mrs. Adler, Ms. Watson and Ms. Cannon get creative when Fillmore Elementary deals with budget problems, and Ms. Bennigan takes on the role of protective future stepmom.

Wedded Miss

S3 E20
Mar 19, 2019
Ms. Bennigan's wedding day implodes when Ms. Cannon gets arrested, Ms. Snap has a severe allergic reaction, and Mrs. Adler loses the bride's elderly grandma.