Season 2

Episode Guide

First Day Back

S2 E1
Jan 17, 2017
The new school year brings new problems: Ms. Snap is assigned the troubled class, Mrs. Adler's classroom is a trailer, and Ms. Cannon must teach art from a shopping cart.

Stranger Danger

S2 E2
Jan 24, 2017
After an intruder is discovered at Fillmore, the teachers must take steps to improve the security and safety of the school, which they all take to various, absurd extremes.

School Sweet School

S2 E3
Jan 31, 2017
After Mrs. Adler's new house is mistakenly delivered to Fillmore, her husband (Haley Joel Osment) proves to be surprisingly helpful to the other teachers, much to her dismay.

Held Back

S2 E4
Feb 7, 2017
Hot Dad's son has to repeat second grade, so Ms. Bennigan tries to get him reassigned to her class; Ms. Feldman realizes she's incapable of teaching the required curriculum.

Snap Judgement

S2 E5
Feb 14, 2017
Ms. Snap runs against fourth-grade teacher Brent Duffy (Ryan Hansen) for Local School Council representative, with Ms. Bennigan as her campaign manager.

Brokebitch Mountain

S2 E6
Feb 21, 2017
Ms. Feldman must pick up another job to pay her bills; Ms. Bennigan, Ms. Snap and Mrs. Adler use PMS to exploit Principal Pearson, and Ms. Watson ships a couple in her class.

Thirty-One and Done

S2 E7
Feb 28, 2017
On her 31st birthday, Ms. Snap freaks out over entering a new phase of life; meanwhile, the teachers prove they have no idea how to do their jobs without the copy machine.

Getting Drilled

S2 E8
Mar 7, 2017
The teachers do a terrible job of getting their classes to safety during a tornado, so they're sent to a team-building seminar with a very serious instructor (Matt Walsh).

In Security

S2 E9
Mar 14, 2017
Mrs. Adler is put in charge of the kickball team; Ms. Feldman takes over flag-raising duties, and Principal Pearson bonds with Security Guard Frank over surveillance footage.

Lunchtime! The Musical

S2 E10
Mar 21, 2017
In a musical episode, the teachers sing about their favorite part of the day -- lunchtime -- until Ms. Snap institutes a new "diet" menu, throwing the school into chaos.

Dosey Don't

S2 E11
Nov 7, 2017
As the Fillmore Hoedown approaches, Mrs. Adler gets a secret admirer, Ms. Snap tries to impress a radio DJ, and Ms. Bennigan learns that Hot Dad might be back with his ex.

Passive Eggressive

S2 E12
Nov 14, 2017
Principal Pearson insists the teachers quarantine students who opt out of taking standardized tests; Ms. Watson thinks her new student may be her daughter via egg donation.

Dire Straights

S2 E13
Nov 21, 2017
Ms. Feldman starts dating the school's anti-drug officer (Andy Daly), despite her marijuana habit; Mrs. Adler attempts to quit smoking, and Ms. Watson becomes a bingo addict.

Nightmare on Fillmore Street

S2 E14
Nov 28, 2017
Everyone's in the Halloween spirit at Fillmore; Ms. Watson has a sex dream about Principal Pearson, and with the Wi-Fi out, Ms. Snap must brave the "haunted" library.

Hot Date

S2 E15
Dec 5, 2017
Ms. Bennigan finally lands a date with Hot Dad but also gets chicken pox; Ms. Snap must confront her gender bias, and Mrs. Adler worries she's too much like a dude.

Let It Flow

S2 E16
Dec 12, 2017
Ms. Snap and Ms. Bennigan pressure a colleague to stop using her breast pump in the teacher's lounge; a prodigy in Ms. Cannon's class gives her reputation an unexpected boost.

Third Wheel

S2 E17
Dec 19, 2017
Ms. Bennigan and Hot Dad attempt to go out without Ms. Snap, which proves harder than expected; Mrs. Adler and Ms. Feldman try to sniff out who is pooping in the hallways.

Toxic Workplace

S2 E18
Jan 2, 2018
Ms. Snap spreads the news after the fire marshal (Jeff Ross) calls her a hero for discovering asbestos in Mrs. Adler's room, leaving Mrs. Adler with subpar working conditions.

Don't Go Pranking My Heart

S2 E19
Jan 9, 2018
Ms. Snap is convinced she's won a prestigious teaching award, thanks to Ms. Feldman's April Fools' Day prank; Ms. Watson shocks everyone by dating Principal Pearson.

Labor Pains

S2 E20
Jan 16, 2018
After Mrs. Adler announces she's pregnant, we're taken back in time to the 1940s, where the women of Fillmore fight for better treatment at work.