Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Aug 30, 2015
Principal Pearson starts an initiative to combat bullying in the school, a message that all of the teachers interpret in bafflingly misguided ways.

Picture Day

S1 E2
Jan 20, 2016
A new school photographer (Rob Riggle) makes Ms. Cannon uncomfortable, and the death of the school iguana is just the start of a dark day at Fillmore.

Duct Duct Goose

S1 E3
Jan 27, 2016
Ms. Feldman tries to prove she's capable of normal teaching while the Superintendent (Ian Roberts) visits; Ms. Snap attempts to finish her "Bachelor" audition tape at school.

Hall of Shame

S1 E4
Feb 3, 2016
Ms. Snap has an embarrassing affair with the janitor (Rob Corddry) and Ms. Bennigan takes over Ms. Cannon's class and teaches them her version of science.


S1 E5
Feb 10, 2016
Ms. Watson finds out her ex-boyfriend (Jesse Bradford) is dating a new substitute (Lacey Chabert) at Fillmore and takes it upon herself to intervene in their relationship.

Drunk Kiss

S1 E6
Feb 17, 2016
Ms. Bennigan questions her friendship with Ms. Snap after Ms. Snap kisses her at a bar; Ms. Feldman is psychoanalyzed after claiming every condition on a medical evaluation.

Bad Tweeter

S1 E7
Feb 24, 2016
When Ms. Snap gets suspended over an offensive tweet, everyone starts to worry that their "after school" behavior is going to put their jobs in jeopardy.

Sex Ed

S1 E8
Mar 2, 2016
Everyone is assigned extra-curricular activities which leaves Ms. Cannon and Ms. Snap running field day with clashing ideologies and Ms. Bennigan in charge of sex-ed.

Hot Lunch

S1 E9
Mar 9, 2016
Mrs. Adler struggles to get parents to volunteer at school until the dads see a revealing video of her; Ms. Bennigan prepares a stand-up routine for her church talent show.

The Last Day

S1 E10
Mar 16, 2016
On the last day of school, the teachers get day drunk which everyone enjoys until they find out Principal Pearson is going to cut one teacher from the faculty.