Season 7

Episode Guide

Unimatrix Zero, Part 2

S7 E1
Oct 4, 2000
Seven's long-lost love lures Janeway into a deadly encounter with the Borg Queen.


S7 E2
Oct 11, 2000
A malfunction in Seven's cortical node threatens to destroy her.


S7 E3
Oct 18, 2000
Tom and B'Elanna's relationship could be the loser when Tom enters a race.


S7 E4
Oct 25, 2000
Tuvok's investigation of a series of mysterious attacks aboard Voyager leads him to a most unlikely suspect: himself.

Critical Care

S7 E5
Nov 2, 2000
The Doctor is forced to work on an alien ship where patients' care is determined by their social status instead of medical need.

Inside Man

S7 E6
Nov 9, 2000
Starfleet Lt. Barclay's hologram convinces Janeway to pursue a dangerous, untested plan to bring Voyager home.

Body and Soul

S7 E7
Nov 16, 2000
The Doctor experiences physical sensations for the first time after Seven downloads his matrix into her body.


S7 E8
Nov 23, 2000
With Voyager under repair, Harry seizes a chance to prove himself as a commander, but finds that being a starship captain is more than he bargained for.

Flesh & Blood

S7 E9
Nov 30, 2000
The Doctor is torn between his duty to Voyager and his conscience when warrior holograms rebel against their Hirogen creators.


S7 E11
Jan 18, 2001
Voyager encounters an energy field which leaves each section, and its crew, existing in a different time period.


S7 E12
Jan 25, 2001
B'Elanna is strangely disturbed by her unborn child's Klingon traits.


S7 E13
Feb 1, 2001
The issue of capital punishment divides the crew when Voyager agrees to transport condemned prisoners to their deaths.


S7 E14
Feb 8, 2001
A group of Klingons separated from the rest of their race believes B'Elanna's unborn child is the Savior foretold in their sacred scrolls.<

The Void

S7 E15
Feb 15, 2001
Voyager is sucked into an inescapable subspace void which is inhabited only by other trapped vessels battling each other for survival.

Workforce, Part 1

S7 E16
Feb 22, 2001
Janeway, Tuvok, Seven, Tom and B'Elanna are workers on an alien planet, where they have no memory of their past lives aboard Voyager.

Workforce, Part 2

S7 E17
Mar 1, 2001
To save Janeway and the rest of Voyager's crew, Chakotay must convince her that her seemingly happy life as a worker on Quarra is not real.

Human Error

S7 E18
Mar 8, 2001
Seven's attempt to explore her human side distracts her from her duties and puts Voyager at risk.


S7 E19
Apr 11, 2001
Q's unruly and omnipotent son wreaks interstellar havoc when he is left in Janeway's care.

Author, Author

S7 E20
Apr 18, 2001
The Doctor publishes a holo-novel based on his Voyager experiences which scandalizes the crew.

Friendship One

S7 E21
Apr 25, 2001
Voyager recovers a long-lost space probe which has caused terrible radiation damage on a distant planet.

Natural Law

S7 E22
May 2, 2001
Seven and Chakotay stumble upon a race of primitive humanoids isolated from technological progress by an energy barrier.


S7 E23
May 9, 2001
Neelix is faced with the decision of a lifetime when Voyager locates a tribe of exiled Talaxians on a distant asteroid.

Renaissance Man

S7 E24
May 16, 2001
Janeway is held hostage by aliens who force the Doctor to help them steal Voyager's warp core.

Endgame Parts 1 and 2

S7 E25
May 23, 2001
Voyager's quest to return home is aided by a visitor from the future - Admiral Kathryn Janeway. However, Janeway decides to risk Voyager's shortcut home in order to destroy the Borg and save millions of lives.