Season 5

Episode Guide

Designer Genes

S5 E1
Sep 10, 1997
Tia and Tamera slip backstage at a red-hot fashion show, where they encounter supermodel Beverly Peele, and "pitch" her on the idea of showcasing Lisa's gowns.

A Separate Peace

S5 E2
Sep 17, 1997
Fed up with sharing the same bedroom, the twins are torn between getting their own rooms, and losing the closeness they've enjoyed for five years.

Working Girls

S5 E3
Sep 24, 1997
Ray's budding relationship with a new woman leaves Tamera feeling jealous and left out of her father's life.

Show Me the Money

S5 E4
Oct 1, 1997
Tia faces a dilemma when she finds out her employer doesn't offer equal pay for equal work; Vivica gets involved in Ray's business.

It's My Party

S5 E5
Oct 8, 1997
The twins sneak to Chicago to celebrate their 17th birthday -- then get stranded with no way home after a snowstorm blankets the city.

Childs Play

S5 E6
Oct 15, 1997
A child genius prepares Tia and Tamera to take their SATs, but also teaches them important lessons about life in the process.

A Friend Indeed

S5 E7
Oct 29, 1997
Tamera scrambles to find a new celebrity guest to appear at the school raffle after she was unable to deliver the star she promised.

Popular Mechanic

S5 E8
Nov 5, 1997
Lisa and Ray disapprove of Tia's new boyfriend Tyreke, who served time in a local detention center.

The Best Policy

S5 E9
Nov 12, 1997
After Tia bets Tamera that she can't tell the truth for a whole week, Tamera has a hard time convincing Ray that his new girlfriend is cheating on him.

Two's Company

S5 E10
Nov 19, 1997
Tia and Tyreke discover that three's a crowd when Tamera keeps tagging along on their dates, so Tia decides to help her twin find a man of her own.

Mo Credit, Mo Problems

S5 E11
Dec 10, 1997
Tia and Tamera are given a credit card for "emergencies," but when a real emergency develops, Tia learns that Tamera let her friends "max out" the card on a shopping spree.

In Sickness and in Health

S5 E12
Jan 7, 1998
The twins teach Lisa's charming but selfish sister Darcy an important lesson when she tries to take advantage of Lisa.

The Laws

S5 E13
Jan 21, 1998
When the twins try to teach their boyfriends a lesson, they learn that playing games doesn't always work!


S5 E14
Jan 28, 1998
At Tia's urging, Tamera attempts to join a snobby social club, but soon learns that the group's president is determined to block her membership.

Ladies in Waiting

S5 E15
Feb 4, 1998
Tamera (Tamera Mowry) decides to make her family proud of her in order to overcome her feelings of inferiority.

Ladies Choice

S5 E16
Feb 11, 1998
Tia defies Lisa's wishes and interviews for a job with a female basketball superstar.

Young at Heart

S5 E17
Feb 18, 1998
With the help of fake IDs, Tia and Tamera go clubbin' to catch the show of one of their favorite singers... but Lisa just happens to be a fan herself!

I Had a Dream

S5 E18
Feb 25, 1998
Tamera (Tamera Mowry) daydreams in history class, reflecting on historical figures who paved the road before her.

You Had to be There

S5 E19
Mar 4, 1998
When Roger shares Tia and Tamera's most embarrassing moments with their boyfriends, the twins tell Roger they never want to see him again.

Prom Night

S5 E20
Apr 26, 1998
Lisa surprises the twins with homemade dresses for their senior prom -- but they'd rather wear the gowns they've bought.


S5 E21
May 3, 1998
With the help of her grandfather's horse-drawn carriage and a pair of borrowed shoes from Tia, Tamera stars in a '90s-style "Cinderella" story.


S5 E22
May 17, 1998
The twins are graduating from high school, but the future doesn't look as bright for Tia's boyfriend Tyreke, who's having a tough time getting his high school equivalency degree.