Season 4

Episode Guide

When a Man Loves Two Women

S4 E1
Sep 4, 1996
Unbeknownst to the twins, they've both got a crush on the same guy: Roger!

You Are So Beautiful

S4 E2
Sep 11, 1996
Curiosity about their birth parents leads the twins, Ray, and Lisa on a quest to learn more about the girls' past.

Gimme a Brake

S4 E3
Sep 18, 1996
Tempted by the freedom of a new car, Tia and Tamera soon find themselves on a "collision course" with disaster when their car drops off a dock and into Lake Erie!

Sister, Sister - Daddy's Girl

S4 E4
Sep 25, 1996
Tamera learns she's never too old to be a "daddy's girl" when she finds herself jealous of the growing closeness between Ray and Tia.

Sis Boom Bah

S4 E5
Oct 2, 1996
In a bid to boost their popularity at school, the twins try out for the cheerleading squad -- and Ray tries his hand at coaching them.


S4 E6
Oct 9, 1996
When a new girl in school threatens Tia and Tamera's popularity, the twins join forces to win back their friends with the help of a music superstar.

Boy From the Hood

S4 E7
Oct 23, 1996
Tamera falls for Tia's childhood friend Darnell, who's all grown up and running with a "fast" crowd.

I'll be There

S4 E8
Nov 6, 1996
Tia takes a job in a '50s diner to get away from Tamera, and is shocked when Tamera starts working there, too.


S4 E9
Nov 13, 1996
The twins are thrilled when Ray and Lisa decide to take their relationship to a more romantic level, but have second thoughts when Roger outlines the "downsides" of their parents dating.

Double Exposure

S4 E10
Nov 20, 1996
When Tia poses for Tamera's class picture, the gorgeous photo that results makes Tamera extremely popular, and Tia extremely resentful.

Some Like it Hockey

S4 E11
Nov 27, 1996
Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) dress up as boys to try out for the school hockey team. With Tim Reid and Jackee Harry.

Bring on Debate

S4 E12
Jan 8, 1997
Ray feels left out by the close bond Tamera forms with her new music teacher.

Little Man Date

S4 E13
Jan 15, 1997
A misunderstanding causes Kyle (Richard Guiton) to bring his 9-year-old brother on a double date with Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry).

Ski Squad

S4 E14
Jan 29, 1997
A ski trip designed to give the twins some independence from their parents has them longing for the comforts of home after they're trapped in an avalanche.

Cafeteria Lady

S4 E15
Feb 5, 1997
Lisa gets a new job in the high school cafeteria, but her outrageous behavior proves to be a major embarrassment to Tia.

Three the Heart Way

S4 E16
Feb 12, 1997
Dateless Tamera feels like a third wheel when Tia and Roger get matched up on Valentine's Day.

Model Tia

S4 E17
Feb 19, 1997
The family flashes back to the Disco Decade when Ray and Lisa attend a 1970s theme party, while Tamera falls prey to a man who promises to launch her modeling career.

My Guy

S4 E18
Feb 26, 1997
A high school nerd out to woo Tia turns to Tamera for help in updating his image, but when his makeover is complete, Tamera realizes she wants to keep him for herself!

Double Dutch

S4 E19
Apr 2, 1997
When a girl from Tia's old neighborhood challenges her to a double Dutch jump rope contest, Tia becomes obsessed with winning.

Inherit the Twin

S4 E20
Apr 30, 1997
Tia accuses Tamera of stealing her personal journal; Ray's stubbornness prevents him from asking for help.

Slime Party

S4 E21
May 7, 1997
Tia and Tamera (Tia and Tamera Mowry) compete on a game show against celebrity twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen).

Guardian Angel

S4 E22
May 14, 1997
The spirit of Ray's late wife returns to help Tamera make a tough decision, and Ray to get on with his life.