Season 1

Episode Guide

Single Ladies - Movie

S1 E1
May 28, 2011

Cry Me a River

S1 E2
Jun 05, 2011
Val's solution for getting over Quinn is online dating, but she gets more than she bargains for. April's cover is blown as she's thrown further into the mayor mistress scandal.

Indecent Proposal

S1 E3
Jun 12, 2011
April sets Val up on a date that seems too good to be true. Keisha is determined to brush off Malcolm by meeting a few eligible rich bachelors. April's marriage is crumbling in the aftermath of the scandal.

Confidence Games

S1 E4
Jun 19, 2011
A party at "V" leaves Val with more dates than she can handle, but after a pep talk from Keisha, she quickly learns how to juggle.

That's What Friends are For

S1 E5
Jun 26, 2011
Val is conflicted when Malcolm wants to hire her for a special event. April's job is on the line when she takes on the record company's problem artist, Reed.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

S1 E6
Jul 03, 2011
Fed up with several bad first dates, Val decides to take a break from men... and finds it to be a much harder task than anticipated. And beloved Atlanta newscaster Sharon Love accidentally reveals a secret about Val.

Take Me to the Next Phase

S1 E7
Jul 10, 2011
Secrets are revealed when Keisha helps Malcolm out of a bind. April takes a huge gamble when she invests her own money in Reed's career. And Christina ends things with Aaron, who does not take it well.

Lost Without You

S1 E8
Jul 17, 2011
Things couldn't be better for Val and Jerry... until Quinn shows up with a startling revelation. Keisha gets caught in the middle of an old feud between Malcolm and his brother. And Christina gives Omar relationship advice.

Can't Hide Love

S1 E9
Jul 24, 2011
Another magical night with Jerry leaves Val wondering if he might be "the one". Keisha uncovers more of Malcolm's complicated past. April's efforts to get Reed's new track on the radio yield surprising results.

Everything Ain't What it Seems

S1 E10
Jul 31, 2011
Val finally discovers Jerry's one flaw and it might be a deal-breaker for her. Keisha worries that Malcolm isn't telling her everything about his relationship with his ex-wife.

Is This the End?

S1 E11
Aug 07, 2011
Just when Keisha thought everything about Malcolm had been revealed, she gets dragged further into his past. One heartbreaking chapter of April's life closes, but another promising one opens.