Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Jun 8, 2013
Total opposites, Sam and Cat first meet when a wild predicament lands both girls in the back of a moving garbage truck.


S1 E2
Jun 15, 2013
Sam and Cat babysit two boys: one who asks a lot of questions, and another who can't stop hugging. The girls also attempt to save their favorite TV show from being cancelled and Sam finds a special way to keep the show alive.


S1 E3
Jun 22, 2013
Sam and Cat babysit two proper and polite British girls who turn out to be con artists. Sam goes to Elderly Acres in an attempt to fulfill a community service requirement for her online high school.


S1 E4
Jun 29, 2013
Sam and Cat babysit a Pygmy goat while trying to win over Dilben, their landlord's obnoxious son who is trying to get the girls evicted. Dice begins managing Goomer, a huge but dim-witted MMA


S1 E5
Jul 13, 2013
Cat discovers Sam is really fast at texting and convinces her to compete in a texting competition against a sweet boy, Butler, who has an overbearing mom. Dice tries to avoid an annoying old friend.


S1 E6
Jul 20, 2013
When a babysitting client says, "You're my favorite babysitter ever," Sam and Cat debate which one of them he meant. They compete for their new clients' affection to see who really is the best babysitter.


S1 E7
Jul 27, 2013
When Sam and Cat agree to babysit Goomer while Dice goes away, they misapply Goomer's medication which causes him to temporarily lose his eyesight before a big match.


S1 E8
Aug 3, 2013
A competing babysitting service is posting fake, bad reviews about Sam and Cat's babysitting service. Sam and Cat confront their new competition and discover they're not what they appear to be.


S1 E9
Aug 10, 2013
Goomer's mom is coming to visit but has no idea that her son is an MMA fighter. Dice enlists the help of Sam and Cat to help convince Goomer's mom that Goomer is a high school teacher.


S1 E10
Sep 14, 2013
To boost their babysitting business, Sam and Cat make a commercial that features Dice's beloved dog. A family recognizes the dog and seeks legal ownership, claiming the dog belongs to them.


S1 E11
Sep 21, 2013
British con artists Gwen and Ruby return and, while pretending to be friendly, drive a wedge between Sam and Cat. When Sam and Cat catch on to this, they turn the tables on Gwen and Ruby.


S1 E12
Sep 28, 2013
Sam, Dice and Goomer go to an MMA fight and leave Cat home to study. Upon returning, they discover that Sam's motorcycle is missing and Cat can't remember the day. The group sets out to solve the mystery and get Sam's bike back.


S1 E13
Oct 5, 2013
Sam opens a safe in her bedroom and discovers a tunnel that leads to a secret room. Cat films herself for 24 hours so that her future self can watch it 10-years from now.


S1 E14
Oct 12, 2013
Sam and Cat's babysitting skills are tested when they look after a young boy, Oscar, who is very prone to accidents. The girls are determined to show Oscar a fun time while struggling to keep him out of harm's way.


S1 E15
Oct 19, 2013
On Halloween, Sam and Cat are hired to babysit a doll, with unusual and creepy results. Cat also thinks she may have accidentally turned Dice into a monkey with a magic spell.


S1 E16
Nov 2, 2013
Sam gets a job as the assistant to the huge rap star Peezy B. Cat finds babysitting much more challenging without Sam around to help.


S1 E17
Nov 9, 2013
When ordered to rename their babysitting business because it's too similar to "Salmon Cat," a TV show from the seventies, Sam & Cat must track down the show's creators and resolve a years' long feud.


S1 E18
Nov 16, 2013
In order to prove she is clever, Cat plays a trick on Sam using a pair of twins that they are babysitting. Sam turns to her own twin, Melanie, to play a trick on Cat.


S1 E19
Nov 23, 2013
Sam and Cat are charged with getting a babysitting client to give up her "Poober" -- her ratty old stuffed animal. This proves much more difficult than it first appears.


S1 E20
Nov 30, 2013
When Sam eats all of the moon meatballs Cat prepared for a Special Moon Dinner, Cat has to make more. Cat gets distracted when she finds a shoe and becomes obsessed with finding its matching pair.


S1 E21
Jan 4, 2014
Sam notices that Cat has been spending lots of money. When she asks where it's coming from, Cat takes Sam to a "Magic ATM" that gives her free money. Sam worries that this might not be legal.


S1 E22
Jan 11, 2014
Sam and Cat make a bet with the annoying older brother of a babysitting client that "lumpatious" is a real word. When they discover it is not, they must figure out how to get it in the dictionary.

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S1 E23
Jan 19, 2014
When Jade and Sam become friends, Cat feels left out and decides to turn the tables by befriending an old friend of Sam's. Sam then does the same, and the girls' jealousy soon spirals out of control.


S1 E24
Jan 20, 2014
Sam opens a safe in her bedroom and discovers a tunnel that leads to a secret room. Cat films herself for 24 hours so that her future self can watch it 10-years from now.


S1 E25
Feb 8, 2014
Sam and Cat notice everyone, including their friends, are becoming obsessed with a new phone game, "Brain Crush." The game distracts the audience at Cat's one woman show.


S1 E26
Feb 15, 2014
When their favorite soda pop is banned, Sam and Cat begin making their own version from their apartment. When they start selling the soda, the authorities come knocking at their door.


S1 E27
Feb 22, 2014
Jennette, Ariana, Cameron, Maree and Zoran are on their lunch break from filming Sam & Cat and only have an hour before they're due back on set. They are comically interrupted by fans who recognize them from Sam & Cat.


S1 E28
Mar 15, 2014
Sam and Cat promise to buy a girl they babysit a Fresno Girl doll if she raises her grades. When she does, Sam and Cat are financially strained by the markups and add-ons that come with it. Goomer loses his lucky t-shirt.


S1 E29
Mar 22, 2014
Sam and Cat have tickets to Mystic Mountain theme park, but their plans are disrupted when Cat gets trapped inside one of Dice's magic tricks, and the gang has to find a way to get her out.


S1 E30
Mar 29, 2014
Nora makes a return and targets Dice as a way to get revenge on Sam. With nowhere else to turn, Sam and Cat are forced to ask for some unlikely help from Nevel. Guest Stars: Danielle Morrow, Reed Alexander, Noah Munck


S1 E31
Apr 12, 2014
Sam and Cat are excited to try a new online drone delivery service, but when they use it, they encounter more problems than they expected.


S1 E32
Apr 26, 2014
When Sam and Cat are hired to take a pair of obnoxious kids on a flight to the Bahamas, they must first get through the challenges of the airport.


S1 E33
Jun 7, 2014
When Sam and Cat try to help Goomer with a supposed bully at his gym, Sam ends up inadvertently knocking out an MMA champ and quickly gets pulled into the world of professional fighting.


S1 E34
Jul 12, 2014
When Sam and Cat accidentally knock out musician Del DeVille, things quickly escalate as they try to avoid getting in trouble.


S1 E35
Jul 17, 2014
When Cat takes Dice to Arizona for a hair modeling gig, Sam is stuck at home with an unexpected new roommate for the weekend... Nona.