Season 7

Episode Guide

Robert Lightfoot and Silky Black

S7 E1
Jan 2, 2015
After Big Cat lands a date with an Instagram fan, Rob and Big Black go to great lengths to make sure he and his date have the perfect night, and Rob holds tryouts for his "footgolfer" team.

600 Horsepower of American Muscle

S7 E2
Jan 9, 2015
Rob gets 13-year-old skateboarder Jagger Eaton ready to host his comedy clip show Ridiculousness, and finds out which one of his crew deserves to drive his 600 horsepower American muscle car.

Strike Slinger and the Bowl Bear

S7 E3
Jan 16, 2015
Hilarity ensues when Rob offers to pay for Chanel's new music video, and when Rob finds out Sterling and Drama have gone bowling without him, he and Big Black challenge them to a bowl off.

The Clean Hole Alliance

S7 E4
Jan 23, 2015
When Rob accidentally soils himself, he creates a PSA about the importance of keeping a good butt hygiene, then he helps Drama document his quest to become a certified reckless Instagrammer.

Happy Meter

S7 E5
Feb 6, 2015
Rob challenges Big Cat and Drama to a battle in which the loser would have to consume a raw ostrich egg, then he attempts to boost Chanel's happiness after she scores low on his happy meter.

Patty's Bucket List

S7 E6
Feb 13, 2015
Rob helps his mom check off the goals on her bucket list, then Drama and Big Black join Rob to accept a sideways square on Studio City's Walk of Fame for their buddy comedy series Rob & Big.

TTFL and the Old War Dog

S7 E7
Feb 20, 2015
Before Rob's world record rides get inducted into the Petersen Automotive Museum, he puts an old stunt car out to pasture, and Big Black explores his idea of starting a toe wrestling league.

Best of, Bonus, and Behind the Scenes of Season 7

S7 E8
Feb 27, 2015
Rob revisits his most memorable moments from Season 7, including his ostrich race with Drama and Big Cat, Chanel saying the darndest things, the crew's bowling adventures and more.

Final Final Finale

S7 E10
Mar 6, 2015
After putting on a spectacular show at Monster Jam, Rob reveals an entrance that would rival the Rube Goldberg machine to a group of kids from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.