Season 6

Episode Guide

Movie Stars

S6 E1
Jan 17, 2014
Rob and Big Black team up to become action stars, and there are concerns about bad behavior around the office.

Born a Lion

S6 E2
Jan 24, 2014
Rob helps Big Cat tap into his inner lion, and the Fantasy Factory transforms into the Bro Impeccable basketball squad to face off against Dude Perfect.

Butt Brothers

S6 E3
Jan 31, 2014
Rob cheers Big Black on during a medical exam, and the team runs through tactics to protect and promote Chanel at the same time.

Shoe Trees

S6 E4
Feb 7, 2014
Rob makes amends after learning about past grievances in Drama's journal, then helps Bam Bam by filming a memorable infomercial for wearable shoe trees.

Ultimate Funcle

S6 E5
Feb 14, 2014
Rob is determined to become the ultimate fun uncle for his newborn nephew and visits his parents to prepare them for surviving the apocalypse.

Big Black's BBW Round-Up

S6 E6
Feb 21, 2014
Rob and Drama team up to help Big Black court big, beautiful women, and Sterling tests his performance chops with a sketch comedy showcase.

Snack Off

S6 E7
Feb 28, 2014
Big Black competes for the coveted Golden Spork on an episode of Snack Off, and Rob transforms Big Cat into the Murder Kitten for an MMA fight.

Fully Uploaded

S6 E8
Mar 7, 2014
Freddie Wong steps in to mastermind a perfect viral video for Chanel to star in, and Rob holds a strenuous audition process to find his new driver.

Bor Kedryd

S6 E9
Mar 14, 2014
As the Fantasy Factory closes up shop, Rob prepares to break the world record for jumping a car backwards and Big Black indulges in the experiences he missed out on as a kid.

Best of, Bonus and Behind-the-Scenes

S6 E10
Mar 21, 2014
The cast and crew of the Fantasy Factory go behind the scenes to look back at the best moments of Season 6, including all the fun stuff that didn't make the final cut.