Season 5

Episode Guide

Super Sonic Rob

S5 E1
Mar 20, 2012
Supersonic Rob tests his gravity-defying skills in order to become the fifth person ever to pull off a car-flipping stunt, and a reluctant Big Cat undergoes a "pasty prince" makeover.

We're in The Burrito Game!

S5 E2
Mar 20, 2012
Big Black seeks help for an embarrassing health problem, and Rob gets an idea to promote burritos with the help of Johnny Knoxville and an ill-tempered bull named Murder.

Chunky as Charged

S5 E3
Mar 27, 2012
The Factory friends adopt some new looks and lend their musical talents to Big Black's new rap video celebrating plus-size individuals, and Rob challenges Drama to a dirt-bike race.

You Can Never Be Too Big

S5 E4
Mar 27, 2012
Rob comes up with a Darwinian plan to get rid of the pigeons in the Factory parking lot, and Big Black needs to dream up a show-stopping advertisement pitch for a male enhancement product.

Eat My Cookie

S5 E5
Apr 3, 2012
Big Cat teams up with a dangerous sidekick to create an eye-catching viral video, and Rob, scandalized by Chanel's suggestive new rap single, offers her some wholesome replacement lyrics.

Full Scale, Full-Fledged, Certified Minister

S5 E6
Apr 3, 2012
Newly ordained minister Rob is elated to officiate his sister Denise's wedding, though their family has doubts about his ceremonial methods and ideas for bonding with his bro-in-law-to-be.

I'm Livin' It

S5 E7
Apr 10, 2012
Drama turns 25, and his friends honor him with an original musical about his journey from low-level Fantasy Factory employee and frequent prank victim to hip and beloved L.A. celebrity.

Best Of, Bonus and Behind the Scenes

S5 E8
Apr 10, 2012
Rob introduces a series of behind-the-scenes moments from Season 5 so far, including the Drama musical, the car-flip, Big Black's unique new car and Big Cat's scary encounter with the bull.

Thy Kingdom of Fantasy Factory

S5 E9
Apr 17, 2012
Rob recruits the rest of the Fantasy Factory kingdom to join him in a medieval-themed live-action role-playing game, and Big Black invents a product to help men with unimpressive posteriors.

Dyrdek Day

S5 E10
Apr 17, 2012
Chanel investigates her ghost problem with the help of two psychics and a trip to a haunted hospital, and Rob celebrates L.A.'s first official Dyrdek Day by spreading a little kindness.

Big Black's Dump Truck

S5 E11
Apr 24, 2012
Big Black returns to his culinary roots and serves his hearty dishes from a brand-new food truck, and Chanel brushes up on her improv comedy skills for Season 2 of Ridiculousness.

I'm an Alien!

S5 E12
Apr 24, 2012
Rob makes an amazing discovery about his celestial origins, and Chanel and Drama compete in a co-ed beauty pageant, with the loser posing for an up-close-and-personal pic with Big Black.