Season 2

Episode Guide

Natural Born Gymkhana-er

S2 E2
Sep 3, 2009
Rob Dyrdek enters the world of Gymkhana, an artistic genre of precision rally car drifting. With the help of Ken Block, Rob decides to make his own stunt video using his own custom built. miniature rally car.

Trust Your Pilot, Respect Your Monkey

S2 E3
Sep 10, 2009
Rob Dyrdek decides to team up with his former business partner DJ Greyboy, to bring back a long lost 70's offshoot of BMXing known as sidehacking.

Local Celebrity Almost Dies!

S2 E4
Sep 17, 2009
Rob lands himself in hot water with his mom, when he winds up in the tabloids for stumbling out of a club with John Mayer.

Best of, Bonus & Behind the Scenes

S2 E5
Sep 24, 2009
Rob and Drama take us behind the scenes at the Fantasy Factory, reliving some of their favorite highlights, unaired hilarious bonus scenes, and some of the best outtakes that happened during shooting.

The Dyrdek Family Vacation

S2 E6
Oct 1, 2009
Rob takes Drama to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to spend some quality vacation time at his parents' The family visits a wildlife preserve, and Rob shoots a photo for the launch of his DC clothing line, "The Dyrdek Collection."

Lights Out

S2 E7
Oct 8, 2009
Rob decides it's time to bring his alter-ego, "Bobby Light" out of retirement. Rob also finds himself in an inter-office bathroom war with his eternally uptight manager, Jeremy.

The Berrics vs.The Fantasy Factory

S2 E8
Oct 15, 2009
Rob challenges longtime friend and fellow Pro Skater, Steve Berra, to a competition between the Fantasy Factory and "The Berrics," the skate facility owned by Berra and Eric Koston.

Making Moves

S2 E9
Oct 22, 2009
In this season finale, Rob invites Ludacris and NBA star, Carmelo Anthony to the Fantasy Factory to discuss a friendly charitable wager between the three of them.

Who is Rob Dyrdek?

S2 E10
Jul 5, 2010
In this documentary episode, we take a closer look at the road that led Rob to where he is today. Featuring archival and never before seen clips from "Rob & Big", "Fantasy Factory", and the DC Video that started his TV career.