Season 3

Episode Guide

This is a Skateboard Car

S3 E1
Jul 12, 2010
Rob teams up with professional drifter, Vaughn Gittin Jr., to create the world's very first Skateboarding Car. Rob also moves his cousin, Drama, into a brand new office next to his own atop the Fantasy Factory skate plaza.

Live Your Brand

S3 E2
Jul 19, 2010
Rob calls Drama out for living a pretty careful existence. To help his young cousin learn to truly live his brand, Rob enlists the help of the notoriously reckless Chad Ochocinco.

Cheese Ballers!

S3 E3
Jul 26, 2010
Rob believes that he makes an exceptionally tasty grilled cheese sandwich. After some research, he discovers a venue for his gift: The Grilled Cheese Invitational. Also, skateboarding phenomTorey Pudwill visits Factory.

It's Barry...Barry Bright!

S3 E4
Aug 2, 2010
Rob discovers that his trainer has created a new piece of exercise equipment. Rob creates an alter-ego named Barry Bright and films an entire infomercial to promote the new device, called the iCore Cruncher.

Fantasy Factory's Sketchiest Moments

S3 E5
Aug 9, 2010
Rob and Drama recap some of the sketchiest and scariest moments of all three seasons of Fantasy Factory. Loaded with behind the scenes commentary, unseen footage, and some of the most memorable scenes from the series.

Operation: Save Patty

S3 E6
Aug 16, 2010
Rob finds out that his mom, Patty, has fallen and shattered her ankle. He and Drama embark on a mission to ensure that the Dyrdek household is a more comfortable environment for his injured mom.

He's Just a Little Mini-Pig

S3 E7
Aug 23, 2010
Rob challenges his manager, Jeremy, to a happiness contest, when he discovers that Jeremy is a devout follower of Indian spiritual guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and that Jeremy considers Rob's version of happiness only transitory.

I'm an Awkward Enabler!

S3 E8
Aug 30, 2010
Rob and Drama realize that the Big Cat's awkwardness might actually be hindering his personal growth. To help his cousin, Rob brings in a specialist, and organizes an Awkward Intervention with everyone at the Fantasy Factory.

Best of, Bonus and Behind the Scenes

S3 E9
Aug 30, 2010
Rob and Drama look back on some of their favorite scenes from Season 3, share some bonus scenes that didn't make it into the episodes, and take a look at some behind the scenes moments with the Fantasy Factory crew.

Hawaiian Manventure

S3 E10
Sep 20, 2010
Laird Hamilton invites Rob and Drama to Kauai for some tow-in surfing. Although he has never surfed before, Rob decides it's time to up his "man level" by taking on a big wave.


S3 E11
Sep 27, 2010
Rob needs some inspiration for his new clothing line, so he and Drama go deep under cover as old men, to get a feel for the incredible style and vocabulary of the older generation.