Season 7

Episode Guide

Let's Shoot A White Guy

S7 E1
Oct 19, 2022
The deputies seek to shoot an unarmed white guy to prove they aren't racially biased, Big Mike attempts a livestreamed stunt, and Dangle and Junior respond to an unruly airline passenger.

Concealed Carry Fashion Show

S7 E2
Oct 26, 2022
Dangle confronts his fear of public speaking, Johnson and Wiegel model in an unusual fashion show, and the deputies try to de-escalate an armed standoff at a youth baseball game.

Jackie's Birthday

S7 E3
Nov 2, 2022
Dangle and Junior respond to an unruly radio host in a pizzeria, a new electric patrol car has some unusual features, and the ladies of the department investigate suspect toy donations.

Truckee River Revenge

S7 E4
Nov 9, 2022
A new security guard cracks down on safety at the precinct, Wiegel has a surprising encounter at an old crime scene, and Dangle, Junior and Kimball try to subdue a chaotic rock star.

Coyote Hazing

S7 E5
Nov 16, 2022
Garcia faces the threat of deportation, Wiegel and Williams indulge in an unconscious suspect's hospital gifts, and things get a little silly when the deputies respond to a structure fire.

Space Force

S7 E6
Nov 30, 2022
Junior, Wiegel and Dangle look for a missing person in an escape room, Johnson and Kimball handle an indecent exposure call, and Dangle is duped into attending a fake Space Force tryout.

Weekend at Bernie

S7 E7
Dec 7, 2022
A raccoon infestation plagues the department, Dangle, Wiegel and Junior provide security for a Bernie Sanders decoy, and the deputies get camera awareness training.

The Return of Diablo

S7 E8
Dec 7, 2022
Dangle and Junior hand out movie tickets instead of traffic tickets, Johnson flirts with a DUI suspect, and deputies review security footage of a retail store brawl.