Season 4

Episode Guide

Wiegel's Pregnant

S4 E1
Jul 9, 2006
Did Dangle and Garcia freeze to death? Did Wiegel's serial killer husband get lethally injected? What is Carrot Top doing in Reno, and why is he so mad?

The Junior Bros.

S4 E2
Jul 16, 2006
While Garcia goes undercover to bust undocumented workers and the people who hire them, Junior spends his day off with his brothers.

Jet Ski Blues

S4 E3
Jul 23, 2006
The Reno Sheriff's Department inherits a beautiful, cursed jet ski from a fallen deputy.

Rick's On It

S4 E4
Jul 30, 2006
Rick the Citizens' Patrolman one-ups the Sheriff's Department in investigating a crime spree, and Garcia receives a visit from an old, unpredictable friend.

Spanish Mike Comes Back

S4 E5
Aug 6, 2006
Spanish Mike Alvarez returns to tempt the deputies, and Jones and Garcia work security at a Ted Nugent concert.

Son of a Chechekevitch

S4 E6
Aug 13, 2006
The deputies vow to avenge Sheriff Chechekevitch's death, and Wiegel studies with Lamaze instructor Guy Gerricault.

The Investigation Continues

S4 E7
Aug 27, 2006
The investigation into Sheriff Chechekevitch's murder zeroes in on his ex-wife, and Williams and Wiegel attend a Lamaze class.

Corporate Sponsor

S4 E8
Apr 1, 2007
Hotty's Restaurants sponsors the Reno Sheriff's Department, and the gang gets burned by the deal.

Christian Karaoke Singles' Mixer

S4 E9
Apr 8, 2007
Clemmy scandalizes Kimball's Christian singles karaoke club, and Dangle takes bets on the origins of Wiegel's baby.

Proposition C

S4 E10
Apr 15, 2007
As Williams and Wiegel consider tampering with the vote for deputies' raises, Jones and Garcia tangle with a drug dealer who may be a D.E.A. agent.

Reno Mounties

S4 E11
Apr 22, 2007
Jones and Garcia discover that not just anyone can dispense justice from horseback.


S4 E12
Apr 29, 2007
The Reno Sheriff's Department takes more than seven hours to respond to a liquor store robbery.

Happy Anniversary

S4 E13
May 6, 2007
Dangle visits his ex-wife and her new husband on their anniversary, and the lady deputies stake out a lecherous meth dealer and his girlfriends.

Dangle's Wedding

S4 E14
May 13, 2007
Dangle preps for his wedding after his ex-wife's ex-husband proposes, and Wiegel goes into labor while stuck in cake.