Season 5

Episode Guide

Jumping the Shark

S5 E1
Jan 16, 2008
Garcia breaks up Dangle's wedding in more ways than one, and Terry the prostitute finds someone to love.

Tommy Hawk

S5 E2
Jan 23, 2008
Tommy Hawk, bounty hunter and reality TV star, runs afoul of the Reno Sheriff's Department.

Kevlar for Her

S5 E3
Jan 30, 2008
The department's new bulletproof vests for women have an unexpected side effect: super knockers.

Mayor Hernandez

S5 E4
Feb 6, 2008
Reno's Mayor Hernandez asks the Sheriff's Department for help, and the deputies must decide whether to uphold the law or uphold local government.

Coconut Nut Clusters

S5 E5
Feb 13, 2008
The deputies raise money selling delicious Coconut Nut Clusters door-to-door.

Back in Black

S5 E6
Feb 20, 2008
Dangle reconnects with his family after his estranged father passes away.

Undercover at Burger Cousin

S5 E7
Feb 27, 2008
Rick the Burger Cousin manager is a cruel taskmaster when deputies go undercover flipping burgers.

The Wall

S5 E8
Mar 5, 2008
Garcia and Junior help build a wall to keep Mexicans from crossing into America illegally.

Death of a Pickle-Thrower

S5 E9
May 22, 2008
Jackie, the pickle-throwing hooker, spends her twilight hours with the Reno Sheriff's Department.

Baghdad 911

S5 E10
May 29, 2008
Iraqi police force cadets learn law enforcement skills from Reno's finest, and Dangle and Wiegel destroy a huge cocaine supply.

The Tanning Booth Incident

S5 E11
Jun 5, 2008
Dangle learns that free tanning sessions for law enforcement aren't necessarily a good thing.

Strong Sister

S5 E12
Jun 12, 2008
Strong Sister magazine visits the station for an in-depth profile on Williams, and the deputies enforce Reno's six-foot rule for lap dances.

Wiegel's Dad Returns

S5 E13
Jun 19, 2008
While the deputies investigate Reno's Thai sex trade, Wiegel's long-lost father returns to reconnect with his daughter.

Junior Runs for Office

S5 E14
Jun 26, 2008
Junior finds a job he really wants: commissioner for animal carcass removal.

Undercover Acting Coach

S5 E15
Jul 3, 2008
Sergeant Clift, the LAPD's undercover acting coach, teaches the deputies the subtle art of theater.

The Parade

S5 E16
Jul 10, 2008
The Carson City Parade Float Contest brings out the deputies' competitive spirit.