Season 3

Episode Guide

Released from Prison

S3 E1
Jun 14, 2005
Members of the Reno Sheriff's Department start new lives after getting kicked off the force.

Revenge of Mike Powers

S3 E2
Jun 21, 2005
The deputies enjoy their new lives in the private sector, but a specter from their past continues to haunt them.

Cop School

S3 E3
Jun 28, 2005
Some promising new recruits intimidate the team with their skills, and Wiegel has trouble making magic with her incarcerated boyfriend.

SARS Outbreak

S3 E4
Jul 5, 2005
Dangle, Jones and Wiegel lose it in quarantine after exposure to SARS, while the rest of the sheriffs hang out with kids' show host Reading Ron.

Fastest Criminal in Reno

S3 E5
Jul 12, 2005
The deputies try to catch the infamous Fast Eddie McLintock.

The Prefect of Wanganui

S3 E6
Jul 19, 2005
Kimball and Dangle escort the Prefect of Wanganui, Reno's sister city, around town; Junior and Wiegel struggle to stand out at the high school job fair.

...And the Installation Is Free

S3 E7
Jul 26, 2005
Jones discovers the delights of fame after doing radio commercials for a carpeting company.

Clemmy Marries a Dead Guy

S3 E8
Aug 2, 2005
Johnson tries to marry the late Hot Tub King of Reno, and Garcia and Williams discover the magical properties of Liberace's piano.

Garcia's Secret Girlfriend

S3 E9
Aug 9, 2005
Dangle and the gang solve Reno's biggest mystery: who is Garcia's new girlfriend?

Dangle's Son

S3 E10
Aug 16, 2005
While Dangle spends time with a beautiful young man who might be his son, the other deputies enjoy the new department Humvee.

CSI: Reno

S3 E11
Aug 23, 2005
The deputies work as security guards when "CSI: Miami" comes to Reno, and Wiegel and Dangle get a homeless man into a bathtub.

Naked Stake-Out

S3 E12
Aug 30, 2005
After a drug sting goes wrong, Dangle and Junior race back to the station on foot -- and naked.

Wiegel and Craig Get Married

S3 E13
Sep 6, 2005
Good news and bad news for Wiegel: her boyfriend proposed, but he's going to be executed for multiple murders.