Season 2

Episode Guide

Dangle's Promotion

S2 E1
Jun 9, 2004
Dangle gets a new job in Carson City, but the deputies are too wrapped up in women's basketball to give him a proper send-off.

Wiegel's New Boyfriend

S2 E2
Jun 16, 2004
Wiegel's new boyfriend, Craig, bears an uncanny resemblance to the Truckee River Serial Killer.

British Law

S2 E3
Jun 23, 2004
Inspector Martin Smiley of the U.K. joins the Reno Sheriff's Department in an exchange program.

Dangle's Wife Visits

S2 E4
Jun 30, 2004
Divorce looms over Dangle and his estranged wife, and the rest of the department struggles with a giant Ten Commandments monument.

Religion in Reno

S2 E5
Jul 7, 2004
The Reverend Gigg LeCarp, Reno's favorite televangelist, saves the deputies in their very own jail.

Fire Fighters Are Jerks

S2 E6
Jul 14, 2004
The accursed Fire Department schedules its Pancake Dinner at the same time as the Policeman's Ball.

Not Without My Mustache

S2 E7
Jul 21, 2004
As the deputies struggle to save their moustaches from a county-ordered shave, Jones worries about a psychic's prediction.

Security for Kenny Rogers

S2 E8
Jul 28, 2004
Deputy Garcia lives his lifelong dream: leading security for a Kenny Rogers book signing.

More FBI Help

S2 E9
Aug 4, 2004
When the lieutenant governor's brother goes missing, the FBI swings in to help the deputies.

Raineesha X

S2 E10
Aug 11, 2004
Williams discovers the Nation of Islam and changes her ways, while Clemmy and Dangle throw down at a fraternity costume contest.

Clementine and Garcia are Dating

S2 E11
Aug 18, 2004
After getting it on with nearly every other man in Reno, Johnson finally hooks up with Garcia, and Dangle breaks out his chimney sweep costume.

Undercover Drug Bust

S2 E12
Aug 25, 2004
Jones and Garcia enjoy their undercover stakeout a little too much, and Dangle and Clemmy start the department's first rock band.

President Bush in Reno

S2 E13
Sep 1, 2004
Reno's finest take on traffic control for President George W. Bush's motorcade, and Jones and Garcia reenact the Civil War at a pizza parlor.

Accidental Marriage

S2 E14
Sep 8, 2004
Garcia shoots a Dungeons & Dragons player, and Junior accidentally gets married during a sting operation.

Milkshake Man's Death

S2 E15
Sep 15, 2004
Reno District Attorney Mike Powers investigates the Sheriff's Department.

Investigation Concluded

S2 E16
Sep 22, 2004
District Attorney Mike Powers concludes his investigation of the Sheriff's Department, while Terry the prostitute takes off in Reno's police helicopter.