Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Sep 26, 1985
MacGyver must defuse a defense missile and rescue scientists trapped in an underground laboratory.

The Golden Triangle

S1 E2
Oct 7, 1985
MacGyver uses primitive materials to set traps for mercenaries preying on Burmese villagers.

Thief of Budapest

S1 E3
Oct 14, 1985
MacGyver attempts to free a band of gypsy pickpockets from a Budapest prison.

The Gauntlet

S1 E4
Oct 22, 1985
MacGyver eludes snares to rescue a beautiful photojournalist from a South American crime syndicate.

The Heist

S1 E5
Nov 4, 1985
MacGyver must recover $60 million in diamonds from an ingenious con man.

Trumbo's World

S1 E6
Nov 11, 1985
In the South American jungle, MacGyver battles an encroaching army of ants; guest David Ackroyd.

Last Stand

S1 E7
Nov 18, 1985
Armored-truck thieves unwittingly trap themselves by taking MacGyver hostage.


S1 E8
Nov 28, 1985
MacGyver battles a derrick fire to help an old friend strike oil.

The Prodigal

S1 E9
Dec 8, 1985
A protected witness risks a confrontation with his mobster brother by visiting their ailing mother.

Target MacGyver

S1 E10
Dec 23, 1985
On the run from assassins, MacGyver has a bittersweet reunion with his grandfather.


S1 E11
Jan 16, 1986
MacGyver battles a deadly injection while searching for a microfilmed list of terrorists.


S1 E12
Jan 23, 1986
A double agent uses sophisticated electronic equipment in an effort to silence MacGyver.

Flame's End

S1 E13
Jan 30, 1986
An old flame's call for help pits MacGyver against killers in a nuclear plant.


S1 E14
Feb 6, 1986
MacGyver faces a deadly extortionist who has planted a bomb on a ship in an effort to gain millions.

The Enemy Within

S1 E15
Feb 13, 1986
MacGyver discovers that a double agent is responsible for the deaths of three colleagues.

Every Time She Smiles

S1 E16
Feb 20, 1986
A woman slips jewels into MacGyver's pocket as he tries to smuggle microfilm out of Bulgaria.

To Be a Man

S1 E17
Mar 6, 1986
In Afghanistan, MacGyver helps a woman and her son escape to the border.

Ugly Duckling

S1 E18
Mar 13, 1986
MacGyver and a teenage computer whiz try to prevent a national catastrophe.

Slow Death

S1 E19
Apr 3, 1986
MacGyver must rescue fellow train passengers from vengeful tribesmen in a desolate land.

The Escape

S1 E20
Apr 17, 1986
MacGyver enters a foreign prison to free a woman's brother, wrongly convicted of a crime.

Prisoner of Conscience

S1 E21
May 1, 1986
MacGyver infiltrates a Russian mental institution to free a political prisoner.

The Assassin

S1 E22
May 8, 1986
MacGyver races to intercept a determined hired killer stalking an archbishop.