Season 6

Episode Guide

Tough Boys

S6 E1
Sep 18, 1990
To stop a drug kingpin's revenge on anti-drug crusaders, MacGyver teams up with an ex-Marine.


S6 E2
Sep 25, 1990
Hostage MacGyver becomes a pawn in a plan to destroy the papers of the dead Romanian dictator.

The Gun

S6 E3
Oct 2, 1990
A friend of MacGyver's is linked to a murder weapon with a bloody history.

Twenty Questions

S6 E4
Oct 9, 1990
A teenage friend becomes involved in a burglary ring connected to a murder.

The Wall

S6 E5
Oct 23, 1990
Ruthless members of an Eastern Bloc nation's defunct secret police seek to recover stolen gold.

Lesson in Evil

S6 E6
Oct 30, 1990
Dr. Zito, the notorious murderer, escapes after a sanity hearing.

Harry's Will

S6 E7
Nov 6, 1990
A treasure is hidden in MacGyver's grandfathers classic station wagon.

MacGyver's Women

S6 E8
Nov 13, 1990
Mac returns to an Old West town and finds amorous women and legendary outlaws.

Bitter Harvest

S6 E9
Nov 20, 1990
MacGyver investigates the murder of a labor organizer by grape growers using illegal pesticides.

The Visitor

S6 E10
Dec 4, 1990
MacGyver investigates UFO sightings in a small farming community.

Squeeze Play

S6 E11
Dec 18, 1990
Mac helps a ballplayer's daughter get him away from a counterfeiter.

Jerico Games

S6 E12
Jan 8, 1991
Mac learns his high-school sweetheart is being abused by a TV executive.

The Wasteland

S6 E13
Jan 22, 1991
A contract on his life follows Mac's attempts to stop a developer's environmental damage.

Eye of Osiris

S6 E14
Feb 5, 1991
MacGyver helps an archaeologist save Alexander the Great's tomb from raiders.

High Control

S6 E15
Feb 12, 1991
Mac aids a parolee being blackmailed by a larcenous gang of bikers.

There But for the Grace

S6 E16
Feb 19, 1991
Mac investigates the murder of a priest who ministered to the homeless.

Blind Faith

S6 E17
Mar 5, 1991
MacGyver helps smuggle a Latin American leader's daughter back into her country.

Faith, Hope and Charity

S6 E18
Mar 19, 1991
Tracking an endangered wolf, Mac falls prey to mobsters looking for stolen loot.

Strictly Business

S6 E19
Apr 9, 1991
On the lam from her ex, a woman and daughter help MacGyver battle archenemy Murdoc.

Trail of Tears

S6 E20
Apr 30, 1991
A utility company clashes with a Dakota tribe over rights to sacred land.


S6 E21
May 7, 1991
On the eve of Pete's eye surgery, he and MacGyver recall their past adventures.