Season 7

Episode Guide

Honest Abe

S7 E1
Sep 17, 1991
Mac and a friend try to return a terrorist to the United States via a helicopter raid.

The Hood

S7 E2
Sep 24, 1991
Mac must investigate a murder, save a woman's life and prevent an assassination.


S7 E3
Oct 1, 1991
A former Latin American dictator tries to regain control of his country.

Prometheus Syndrome

S7 E4
Oct 8, 1991
Mac and a fire inspector clash over an arsonist who phones details of his fires in advance.

The Coltons

S7 E5
Oct 15, 1991
Bounty hunters Frank and Jesse help a murder witness escape from Chinatown.

The Walking Dead

S7 E6
Oct 22, 1991
Mac must rescue a college student who has challenged a group of extortionists.

Good Knight MacGyver

S7 E7
Nov 5, 1991
MacGyver is knocked unconscious and transported back in time to King Arthur's court.

Good Knight MacGyver

S7 E8
Nov 12, 1991
MacGyver teams up with Merlin to spoil an explosive plot by Queen Morgana.

Deadly Silents

S7 E9
Nov 19, 1991
MacGyver and Pinky are lured to a deserted studio by two men bent on revenge.

Split Decision

S7 E10
Dec 3, 1991
MacGyver helps train an old friend who is trying to make a comeback as a boxer.

Gunz 'n' Boyz

S7 E11
Dec 17, 1991
Mac suspects an ex-cop committed a murder pinned on a gang member.

Off the Wall

S7 E12
Dec 31, 1992
Mac aids a woman evicted from her tenement whose owner is then found dead.

The Stringer

S7 E13
Apr 26, 1992
While investigating smugglers, Mac learns a photojournalist is his son.

The Mountain of Youth

S7 E14
May 22, 1992
MacGyver joins an expedition searching for the lost civilization in the hidden valley of Shangri-La.