Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Sep 25, 1985
Troubleshooter MacGyver must defeat a deadly security system to rescue scientists trapped in an underground laboratory.

The Golden Triangle

S1 E2
Oct 06, 1985
MacGyver uses traps and his wits to help villagers in the Burmese jungle escape an army of mercenaries.

Thief of Budapest

S1 E3
Oct 13, 1985
The KGB and Budapest police pursue MacGyver as he tries to free Gypsies who stole a watch containing secret information.

The Gauntlet

S1 E4
Oct 21, 1985
MacGyver matches wits with a corrupt military force when he attempts to save a photojournalist from a South American crime syndicate.

The Heist

S1 E5
Nov 03, 1985
MacGyver attempts to recover $60 million in diamonds, destined for famine relief, that were stolen by a con artist.

Trumbo's World

S1 E6
Nov 10, 1985
MacGyver teams up with a local land owner, to battle a huge colony of ants marauding through a dense South American jungle.

Last Stand

S1 E7
Nov 17, 1985
Robbers seize millions of dollars in an armored car and take MacGyver as a hostage, who has been caught in the middle of a plane-hijacking attempt.


S1 E8
Nov 27, 1985
MacGyver risks a fiery death when he tries to help a friend strike oil, and an accident sets the rig on fire.

The Prodigal

S1 E9
Dec 08, 1985
MacGyver attempts to keep an underworld figure from killing his own brother before the man can testify against him in court.

Target MacGyver

S1 E10
Dec 22, 1985
Murderous thugs intrude on a bittersweet reunion between MacGyver and his grandfather while on a fishing trip.


S1 E11
Jan 15, 1986
MacGyver is injected with a deadly serum when he attempts to retrieve a list of terrorists on pirated microfilm.


S1 E12
Jan 22, 1986
A double agent uses sophisticated electronic equipment in an effort to silence MacGyver.

Flame's End

S1 E13
Jan 29, 1986
An old girlfriend contacts MacGyver to help her stop a nuclear reactor from exploding and destroying a community.


S1 E14
Feb 05, 1986
MacGyver faces a deadly extortionist who has planted a bomb on a ship in an effort to gain several million dollars.

The Enemy Within

S1 E15
Feb 12, 1986
A beautiful Russian defector helps MacGyver track the double agent responsible for killing three operatives.

Every Time She Smiles

S1 E16
Feb 19, 1986
MacGyver finds trouble in Bulgaria after a woman slips some valuable jewels into his pocket, hoping he will get them out of the country.

To Be a Man

S1 E17
Mar 05, 1986
During an adventure in Afghanistan, MacGyver is wounded and given refuge by an Afghan woman and her son.

Ugly Duckling

S1 E18
Mar 12, 1986
A teenage computer whiz uncovers secret defense information and needs MacGyver's help to prevent disaster.

Slow Death

S1 E19
Apr 02, 1986
MacGyver must rescue fellow train passengers from vengeful tribesmen seeking the two men who sold tainted medicine.

The Escape

S1 E20
Apr 16, 1986
MacGyver is imprisoned in an effort to help a woman's wrongly convicted brother escape, but not all is what it appears.

Prisoner of Conscience

S1 E21
Apr 30, 1986
MacGyver has to fake insanity to infiltrate a Russian psychiatric facility to rescue a political prisoner.

The Assassin

S1 E22
May 07, 1986
MacGyver has to go up against security forces as he races to stop a professional killer from murdering an archbishop.